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by Mower on November 26, 2014

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SHIA LABEOUF MAKES COURT APPEARANCE: Shia LaBeouf was back in court on Tuesday (November 25th) to face the charges brought against him after his arrest at a performance of Broadway’s Cabaret over the summer. Shia and his attorney presented proof to the judge that he has been undergoing treatment for alcoholism as he was ordered to do for six months back in September. If Shia avoids arrest for six months, the incident will be removed from his record. He is expected back in court in March to review his progress again.

JOHNNY DEPP DOESN’T CARE ABOUT HIS RECENT BOX OFFICE FLOPS: Johnny Depp appears in the new issue of Details where he reveals that he doesn’t really care that his last few films haven’t done so well with critics or at the box office. He tells the magazine, “What is really satisfying is, like Marlon Brando, getting to that place where he just didn’t give a f***. First, I reached a point where I cared so much and was so diligent in terms of approaching the work. Then you get to where you care so fucking much that it gets goddamn beleaguering, you know? But then a great thing happens. Suddenly you care enough to not give a f***, because not giving a f***, that’s the total liberation. Being game to try anything.” He adds, “For everybody, the clock’s ticking. The main thing is whether you sit there and stare at the clock in fear of your ultimate demise — which is pointless — or you just live.” Johnny plays the Big Bad Wolf in the movie adaptation of the musical Into the Woods coming out in December.

DIEM BROWN’S SISTER REVEALS WHY SHE LIED ABOUT HER AGE: Former Real World/Road Rules Challenge cast member Diem Brown was actually 34 years old when she died of cancer earlier this month even though it was widely reported that she was only 32. Her sister explained her decision to lie about her age to People saying, “Cancer robbed Diem of 10 years of her life. She worked in an industry where age matters. She felt cancer took away enough from her. We all agreed whatever age she wanted to be, we would support her.” Us Weekly is reporting that Diem’s boyfriend, Chris “CT” Tamburello proposed to her with a ruby ring five days before she passed. A source told the magazine, “He proposed and filmed the entire thing. Diem joked that she hated rubies and said no. Diem knew she didn’t have much longer to live and she didn’t want to be engaged under those circumstances.”

JENNIFER LAWRENCE GUSHES ABOUT BEST FRIEND LIAM HEMSWORTH: Jennifer Lawrence has nothing but good things to say about her friend, co-star, and rumored new beau, Liam Hemsworth, in the new issue of Nylon magazine. She discusses their close relationship saying, “I guess the thing that surprised me is that I would never expect to ever have a man this good-looking ever be my best friend. I just would never assume those things could happen, but he is. He’s the most wonderful, lovable, family-oriented, sweet, hilarious, amazing guy. He actually taught me how to be fair and to stand up for myself. It’s my biggest weakness: negotiating. I’m a wimp about standing up for myself and Liam is always fair. He’s always on time, he’s always doing his job, and he’s good about making sure that things stay fair. He’s teaching me to toughen up a little bit. That was important, I need that.” As previously reported, there are rumors circulating that Jennifer and Liam’s friendship has become something more since they have both found themselves single at the same time.



VANESSA HUDGENS ACQUIRES RESTRAINING ORDER FROM ALLEGED STALKER: Vanessa Hudgens has been granted a restraining order against a man who flew from Africa to L.A. to marry her. According to TMZ, the man sent Vanessa many emails which said things like “Hello, I love you and want to marry you” and “God gave me a penis to make you feel like you never did every time when we’ll make love.” He was spotted earlier this month driving up and down her block in L.A. and has now been ordered to stay 100 yards away from the former Disney star, her sister, and her boyfriend.


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