Celebrity Sleaze – 10/19/2016

by Gino on October 19, 2016

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A guard at the Paris hotel where Kim Kardashian was robbed this month blames a lack of security for the heist.

The man, identified only as Abdulrahman, said he warned the Hôtel de Pourtalès about its lax security years ago, but his bosses “didn’t care” about it. “There was no real security at all. It’s a choice,” he said.

  • “We told them years and years before, you have to make a camera, you have to put [in place] a security process, about keys. Nothing was locked, there was no proper security there.”
  • Abdulrahman said the security code for the front door hasn’t been changed since 2010, so “everyone knew it.”
  • Abdulrahman is pressing charges against the hotel, saying he was handcuffed at gunpoint and forced to act as interpreter during the attack. “Immediately afterwards, I was very angry, and the first one I blamed was the hotel,” he said. “They are responsible, I think. And I still blame them now.”


Gossip Cop has reported that child abuse claims regarding Adam Levine have proven to be false. According to the site, Levine was investigated for child abuse last week after an unknown caller made false claims about the singer to the LAPD’s Juvenile Division. Authorities have since concluded that Levine was wrongly accused and the “allegations are completely unfounded.”

As previously reported, an anonymous person reported that the Maroon 5 singer hit his one-month-old daughter in the face, in addition to punching his wife, Behati Prinsloo, knocking her to the ground. The police investigated the singer’s L.A. home, but determined that the story was completely false.

  • There were no visible injuries on Levine’s wife or daughter.
  • The singer has not yet commented on this matter.


Zayn Malik didn’t actually call things off with Perrie Edwards via text message. During a recent radio interview, Perrie revealed that she received the breakup news over the phone. The singer said, “I was at the airport and I got an awful phone call…from someone. And then…I just…what did I…I just remember screaming in the airport.” Jade Thirwall chimed in and said, “[Perrie] had a little mini breakdown in the airport. It was in the security line and so we thought ‘Oh God!’”

  • Perrie continued, “I was like a woman possessed! It was awful! It just blubber and blubber and I thought I was going to explode.” She went on to reveal how her bandmates had her back during her breakup, saying, “The girls were amazing. We’d have sleepovers and they’d get my favorite desserts and do everything could to cheer me up. I surrounded myself with friends and family…I didn’t want to be alone because when I was I’d start to think about things and get upset. It should have been a really happy time—my career was successful, ‘Black Magic’ was doing well, and we were traveling and performing. On the surface I was happy, but inside I felt broken.”


Beyonce fans are still cutting themselves in solidarity of the singer. According to Perez Hilton, following Bey’s “Tidal X 1015” performance where she ripped her earlobe, members of the BeyHive started the hashtags “#CutForBeyonce” and “BleedForBeyonce” on Twitter. According to the tweets, fans alluded to harming themselves in honor of the singer. Members of the BeyHive are still keeping the hashtag going. One Beyonce fan tweeted, “If Queen B had to endure pain, so do I. Tonight we #CutForBeyonce.” Another fan wrote, “Just say the word @Beyonce #CutForBeyonce”

  • One Twitter user, however, appeared to be disgusted by the trending topic and said, “I thought #cutforbeyonce was a joke but y’all are actually cutting your ears off…”

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