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The video for Beyonce’s record “Ghost” has inspired the building of a new skyscraper in Australia. According to The Verge, architecture firm Elenberg Fraser has reportedly been given funds to build a skyscraper at 134 Spencer Street in Melbourne. And apparently, the building will contain “spiraling curves” that “recall the twists and turns of a woman dancing in black cloth.”
The description of the skyscraper reads, “This project is the culmination of our significant research into how to best work with individual site and climatic constraints, brought together using our new parametric modeling techniques. The complex form — a vertical cantilever — is actually the most effective way to redistribute the building’s mass, giving the best results in terms of structural dispersion, frequency oscillation and wind requirements. Art and science? You betcha. For those more on the art than science side, we will reveal that the form does pay homage to something more aesthetic – we’re going to trust you’ve seen the music video for Beyonce’s ‘Ghost.'”
• Dezeen.com has reported that the final product will have 660 apartments, a 160-room hotel and several retail stores.
• No word on when the skyscraper will be completed just yet.


Nicki Minaj had a close call at her Wireless Festival performance in the U.K. this past weekend. Apparently, the rapper almost missed her set due to travel issues. And according to AllHipHop.com, the organizers of the festival even lost contact with Nicki — who was scheduled to perform at 7 p.m.
Wireless took to their Twitter account to keep festival-goers updated and said, “Nicki Minaj has had last minute travel issues so [she] is delayed. We’ll update as soon as we have more info. We’re assured Nicki Minaj is still on her way and will perform with David Guetta. He’s on at 8:30 and she’ll join him soon after.”
• Although Nicki was supposed to perform between 7 and 8 p.m., she didn’t arrive until after 9 p.m. and fans weren’t happy about Nicki’s tardiness. They took to Twitter to vent their frustrations, saying things like, “What a #Disappointment #Wireless #WasteofMoney #wantmymoneyback,” “I go all the way to Wireless for Nicki Minaj and get less than her set as she was hours late! Absolutely gutted!” and “Wireless ruined for me by @NICKIMINAJ #refund.”

Please note the following story contains material that could be considered offensive.
Justin Bieber’s friend Joe Termini was bitten by a shark during their vacation this past weekend. According to Gossip Cop, it’s unsure how the incident took place, but both Bieber and Termini wrote about it on Instagram. The singer posted a photo of Termini, with the bite exposed along with the caption, “Exactly why I hate sharks. They told us reef sharks don’t bite.”
• Termini revealed a close-up picture of the chest wound, sarcastically writing, “It’s been a good day.”


That Grape Juice has reported that Amy Winehouse’s documentary — Amy, has become the highest-grossing homegrown documentary after earning $580,000 in its opening weekend.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, Hamish Moseley — the head of distribution at Altitude Films in the U.K., said, “We are thrilled that audiences have come out en masse during a period of exceptionally fine weather to see Amy. It is testament to not only an incredible film, from some of the U.K.’s leading filmmakers, but also to the unique talent and enormous lasting appeal of Amy Winehouse – we are delighted that audiences have chosen to celebrate the life of the truly talented musical icon.”
• Amy will hit theaters in the U.S. this weekend.

ED SHEERAN HAS A COLLAB WITH THE WEEKND AND KANYE WEST?: Did Ed Sheeran hint at a collab with himself, The Weeknd and Kanye West? In a recent interview with Zane Lowe, the British singer shared a story where he went to a party at The Weeknd’s house in Toronto. While they were drinking, The Weeknd invited Sheeran to come back to his house to work on a record. Ed said, “In my head I’m like, ‘The Weeknd doesn’t want to write a song!’ The Weeknd doesn’t work with anyone. He’s got one feature on his album, which is Kanye West. He doesn’t want to do that.” He added that they did work on the song and it “is really, really f—ing good.”

• Dustin Hoffman believes that the quality of films these days doesn’t cut it. The two-time Oscar-winner recently chatted with The Independent about why money may be to blame for sub-par movies.
• He explained, “I think right now television is the best that it’s ever been. And I think that it’s the worst that film has ever been — in the 50 years that I’ve been doing it, it’s the worst.” Dustin added, “It’s hard to believe you can do good work for the little amount of money these days. We did The Graduate and that film still sustains, it had a wonderful script that they spent three years on, and an exceptional director with an exceptional cast and crew, but it was a small movie, four walls and actors, that is all, and yet it was 100 days of shooting.”

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