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American Idol Recap: LIVE Audience and Top 24 Decisions- Night 1- 2/18/2015

by Gino February 19, 2015 Front Page News

Last night was the first night of finding out who the American Idol Top 24 are…first they started off with Michael Simeon, who performed “Classic”, in front of the LIVE audience at the House of Blues. Michael made it to the Top 24. There were also a few other results mentioned. Loren Lott, Adam Ezeglian, […]

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Jimmy Fallon Unveils the New Ben and Jerry’s Flavor!

by Gino February 18, 2015 Front Page News

The Tonight Dough ™   Caramel & Chocolate Ice Creams with Chocolate Cookie Swirls & Gobs of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough & Peanut Butter Cookie Dough. Inspired by the show & host we love staying up late for, here’s a flavor you’ll love spooning into – dedicated to SeriousFun Children’s Network of global camps for […]

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First Grade Ain’t Easy…

by Gino February 16, 2015 Front Page News
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American Idol Recap- Hollywood Week- Solo Round – 2/12/2015

by Gino February 13, 2015 Front Page News

So last night was the start of the Solo Round and it started off on the right foot, moving the first few contestants on…but then it was Big Ron’s Turn and he just couldn’t get it together with the band, but Big Ron pushed on though and performed Let’s Get It On. The judges gave […]

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American Idol Recap- Hollywood Week #2 – Day 1- 2/11/2015

by Gino February 12, 2015 Front Page News

So last week we left off with Alexis Granville having to be carried off the stage due to an anxiety attack and almost passing out. They allowed her to regain composure and she reformed with her group “Sal’s Gals” and away they went. Alexis and Jax were the only ones to move on from the […]

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Dog Sings Along with Maroon 5’s Animals

by Gino February 11, 2015 Front Page News
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