Throwback Thursday! February 16th, 1979

by Gino on February 16, 2017

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The #1 Song on February 16th, 1979 was…

Da I’m Think I’m Sexy- Rod Stewart

  • Stewart was known for his soulful blues and folk ballads, but this song was a disco departure, and it gave him a new look. He attracted many new fans, but alienated many of his old ones, who had no interest in disco and fondly remembered Rod as a member of The Faces, where he earned a reputation as hard-rocking party animal.
  • Rod was always a guy that used to listen to what was going on around him. He was always looking at the charts and listening. He was a big fan of The Rolling Stones, so when they came out with “Miss You,” disco was really big at the time, so he wanted to do some kind of disco-y song, something like ‘Miss You,’ nothing like Gloria Gaynor.
  • This was a story of a guy meeting a chick in a club. At that time, that was a cool saying. If you listen to the lyrics – ‘She sits alone, waiting for suggestions, he’s so nervous…’ – it’s the feelings of what was going on in a dance club. The guy sees a chick he digs, she’s nervous and he’s nervous and she’s alone and doesn’t know what’s going on, then they end up at his place having sex, and then she’s gone.”
  • Stewart claims this song is not about him, as it is sung in the third person.
  • Stewart used the title as the name of his 1978 tour.
  • This was promoted by an unusual “video-within-a-video.” It showed people watching him perform this on a “television screen.” The concert footage was taped first – whenever Stewart forgot the lyrics, he’d turn his face away from the camera.
  • Paris Hilton recorded this in 2006 on her first album.

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