Celebrity Sleaze – 04/19/2017

by Gino on April 19, 2017

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Drake experienced an unusual burglary at his home earlier this month. According to TMZ, a member from Drake’s crew walked in on a 24-year-old female fan in the rapper’s home wearing one of his hoodies. The woman told police that she was allowed to enter the home, however, Drake’s team says that she came into the house unlawfully. She also confessed to drinking Pepsi, Sprite and Fiji Water while in the home — which classifies as a felony. The woman was arrested and charged with felony burglary. 

Law enforcement officials are trying to figure out how the woman entered the home and how long she was there. There were no signs of forced entry, which further complicates the situation. 

  • It is unclear if the woman was in Drake’s Calabasas home or his Toronto mansion, however, he wasn’t present at the time of the crime. 
  • In other news, the woman who claimed that Drake impregnated her has been put on blast for allegedly fabricating her entire story. DJ Spade uploaded an Instagram conversation with the woman who goes by the IG handle “IAmLaylaLace,” and showed her admitting that she made up the fake story for money. During the conversation, the woman was asked, “What you gon do when they find out [it’s] all fake doe?” She replied, “It will be too late lol publicity will make me $ even if he don’t want me idc.” 
  • The woman later addressed the conversation, saying that it is false. She said that the Instagram conversation was made up and that she has also received threatening text messages regarding her post about Drake. Additionally, Fameolous has also said that the conversation was fake and noted that the woman recently appeared in French Montana’s music video. 


Beyonce has responded to Messy Mya’s estate’s $20 million lawsuit over her record, “Formation.” According to The Jasmine Brand, Bey’s legal team appeared in court last week demanding that the lawsuit be dismissed. Bey has said that the estate “grossly overstated” the use of the late Messy Mya’s YouTube video. Bey went on to say that she only used 10 seconds of audio from two of his videos in her “Formation” video. 

Her team reportedly contacted the estate and obtained a license, however, Beyonce was still hit with a lawsuit after the video premiered. 

  • She adds that even if she hadn’t obtained a license, the use is “protected by the fair-use doctrine.”
  • As previously reported, the estate claimed Beyonce used a sample from Messy Mya’s 2010 video, “A 27 Piece Huh?,” where he says, “I like that.” 
  • The estate is suing for royalties and other damages. 


A surprising new power couple has popped up: Lady Gaga and new pal Prince William have teamed up to end the stigma against mental illness.

On Tuesday, Lady Gaga and Prince William had a transatlantic video chat via FaceTime as part of the Heads Together campaign led William, his wife Kate Middleton and Prince Harry.

  • What allegedly prompted Willaim to connect with Gaga was the open letter she wrote in 2016 revealing her struggles with post-traumatic stress disorder. During their talk, they discussed the importance of discussing mental illness openly.
  • “In my life I go ‘Oh my goodness, look at all these beautiful, wonderful things that I have, I should be so happy,’” Gaga tells William. “But you can’t help it if in the morning when you wake up you are so tired, you are so sad, you are so full of anxiety and the shakes that you can barely think.”
  • “It’s time that everyone speaks up and feels very normal about mental health,” he said. “It’s the same as physical health.”
  • They signed off agreeing to meet in person when Gaga goes to the U.K. in October.
  • The release of the video comes a day after Prince Harry revealed that he sought counseling to deal with fallout and grief of losing his mother Princess Diana at age 12.  

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