The AlphabetiCALL on The Magic Morning Show

by Gino on April 20, 2017

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To have some laughs on a Thursday for April Vacation week, Gino and Mower decided to have some fun on the phone. BBC Radio every once in a while has celebrities make “AlphabetiCALLS” to certain businesses as a prank. You can actually check out the videos below of Josh Gad, Justin Timberlake, and Jack Black making one.

The rules are, that the person making the call can only speak in sentences starting with the next letter in the alphabet. For example, “Are you going out?” then the person would answer and the caller’s next line must start with a “B” and then so on.

It’s a lot harder then it sounds, especially as the conversation picks up. You lose if your target caller figures out what’s going on or if you mess up when asking questions.

Gino played a round with his unsuspecting little brother, Kevin. Give the audio a listen below (The actual call starts at the 2 minute mark)! Happy Thursday!


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