The IPhone 8 Debuts Today!

by Gino on September 12, 2017

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The IPhone 8 comes out today and since Gino is an IPhone User and Mower is an Android user, Gino thought it’d be fun to look up some random facts about the two types of users and compare. Below is the list of facts that Gino found. Plus, the audio of the “NEW” IPhone Commercial. Enjoy!


IPhone vs Android

Yahoo recently surveyed 2,000 iPhone and Android smartphone users to find out their similarities and differences.

– IPhone users are more likely to exercise than Android phone users

– IPhone users are twice as likely to have a Master’s degree than Android phone users

– IPhone users are 55% more likely to have a Bachelor’s degree than Android phone users.

– Android phone users are 30% more likely than IPhone users to earn less per year.

– 62% of iPhone users and 56% of Android users love cuddling with pets

– 13% of iPhoner users and 8% of Android users love hip hop music

– 30% of iPhone and Android owners prefer a beer at the end of a long hard day

– 33% of IPhone owners love Doritos while 29%  of Android users love Double Stuff Oreo cookies

More Fun Facts about Smartphones

A study by gadget insurer Square Trade reveals that 30% of people will damage their new iPhone within 12 months. Other findings:

– accidental damage is 10 times more likely than loss or theft

– 11% of iPhone owners are currently walking around with a device that is cracked

– 6% of iPhones have tape on them

The top five ways phones are damaged or destroyed:

1.Phone dropped from hand.
2.Phone fell into a toilet, swimming pool or lake.
3.Phone dropped from lap.
4.Phone knocked off a table.
5.Phone drenched by “some liquid.”

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