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Darren Aronofsky’s mother! has gotten a warm reception from most critics, but it has viewers running for cover. The film’s star, Jennifer Lawrence, says she knows why, and she wants viewers to know what they’re getting into before they go.

She sat down with Entertainment Weekly to discuss the film, explaining that Aronofsky (who she began dating once the movie wrapped) told her about the allegory that inspired the film. She claims that without that baseline awareness, it’s no wonder viewers aren’t responding to it.

  • “It was the most unique sounding movie I’d ever heard, and incredibly brave,” Lawrence said. “I feel like there’s different schools of thought on this movie. Some think: don’t tell anyone anything, let them figure it out on their own. I feel like it’s better to know and understand the metaphor and allegories because then you know what you are looking at. I’ve been spilling the themes and metaphors all over town!”
  • Lawrence continued, revealing the religious and environmental themes that dictate the narrative, and even how the movie was shot.
  • “The movie was called Day Six [on set]: it could be about the creation and the end of the universe,” she said. “You have the creation of man and women and then the corruption of man and woman and then overpopulation and creation of religion and so on and so forth. … So what he’s saying is this is the entire world, This is our one earth. This is all our sink. So stop bouncing on it!”
  • mother! earned a rare “F” grade from CinemaScore, an organization that polls audiences on opening weekends. The film also earned Lawrence her worst opening ever, bringing in just $7.5 million in its first weekend.
  • But Lawrence stands behind it. When asked if she’d do it again, she said: “I don’t regret it. I’m happy I did it. If I had to do it again? If there was a mother! sequel? [Laughs] No. I wouldn’t be able to do it again. I did it once and I gave it my all.”


The woman in the sexually explicit video allegedly used in an attempt to extort Kevin Hart is a stripper, according to TMZ. Her name is Montia Sabbag and she reportedly travels to various clubs to work.

The 27-year-old met Hart during a “wild weekend” in Vegas in August, TMZ reports. It is unclear if she had anything to do with the taping of the video. Investigators are reportedly attempting to track down witnesses to the taping and extortion attempt.

  • Extortionists reportedly offered Hart $10 million in exchange for keeping the tape secret, but Hart refused. Over the weekend, he went public with the accusation, posting an apology to his wife Eniko and his children on Instagram.
  • “I made a bad error in judgment … Sending so many apologies to my wife and kids,” he wrote. “I gotta do better and I will. I’m not perfect and I never claimed to be … I love you all.”
  • Meanwhile, his ex-wife Torrei Hart is having a field day discussing the final years of their marriage.
  • In an interview with Inside Edition, Torrei said their marriage ended because of “lies and infidelity.”
  • She also said that Eniko’s claim that she and Kevin first got together when Torrei and Kevin were separated is “a lie. We were very much not separated.”
  • Torrei married Kevin in 2003 and divorced him in 2011. Eniko, who is pregnant, has claimed that they have been together for eight years, which would mean that their relationship began well before his marriage to Torrei officially ended.
  • Kevin has addressed his infidelity with Torrei in his standup work.
  • “Yes, people, I cheated. Am I ashamed of it? No, no I’m not,” he said during Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain. “Do I wish I could take it back? No, no I don’t.”


Teasers for Lady Gaga’s upcoming Netflix documentary Five Foot Two have emphasized the lighter side of Gaga’s life in the spotlight: like hot-boxing her grandma’s car, joking with collaborators, jet-setting around the world and more. But in the new, official trailer, fans get a look at the painful flip side of fame as Gaga struggles with chronic pain and haunting insecurity.

“I have chased this pain for four or five years,” Gaga says in the trailer. There are images of the singer receiving shots of medication and recovering in bed. “But when I feel the adrenaline in my music and my fans, I can f**king go.”

Gaga’s struggle with fibromyalgia has garnered attention in recent weeks as she postponed stops on her “Joanne” world tour on doctor’s orders. She’s nixed dates in Mexico, the U.K. and continental Europe. In a recent Instagram post, Gaga addressed her medical struggles and promised to advocate on behalf of chronic pain sufferers.

The trailer also offers glimpses into the making of her album, Joanne, and how her Super Bowl performance came together. The trailer ends with a funny scene of Gaga asking a cashier if the store has the new Lady Gaga album. The cashier, who clearly doesn’t recognize her, has no idea what she’s talking about.

Five Foot Two has been screened at film festivals and debuts on Netflix September 22nd. 


Macklemore is in a reminiscent mood on his new single, “Good Old Days,” featuring Kesha. The nostalgic track is the latest in advance of Macklemore’s upcoming new album, Gemini, scheduled to debut this Friday.

“Good Old Days” follows previously released tracks “Glorious” with Skylar Grey and “Marmalade,” featuring Lil Yachty.

“My new song w @macklemore reminds me of being 16 chasing wild dreams not knowing those moments would be so precious,” Kesha said of the track on Twitter.


Sia’s favorite muse, young dancer Maggie Ziegler, has returned to star in the singer’s new music video, “Rainbow,” “the lead single from the soundtrack for My Little Pony: The Movie.

In the video, footage of Ziegler dancing on a water-covered floor is interspersed with clips from the movie, which is set to debut in theaters on October 6th.

The song is sung from the perspective of the character Sia voices for the film, Songbird Serenade. The album will also feature songs by Lukas Graham, Rachel Platten, DNCE, and more along with songs from the film sung by the star-studded cast which includes Taye Diggs, Zoe Saldana, Kristin Chenoweth, and Emily Blunt, among others. The full soundtrack will be released on September 22nd.


Liam Payne and Zedd are taking it to the streets for their new “Get Low” video. Last month, the duo popped up in various London locations to deliver impromptu concerts for fans while a camera follwed them. Equipped with a portable sound system, a keyboard and some backup dancers, Liam and Zedd got fans dancing and singing in the London landmarks of Covent Garden, Oxford Street and Trafalgar Square. The video ends with a massive celebration in front of London’s Tower Bridge. The clip captures the energy and excitement of fans encountering the stars out and about throughout the city. 

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