Eye Witness News Libs! 10/06/2017

by Gino on October 6, 2017

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This morning on The Magic Morning Show, Gino played a round of a new game called Eye Witness News Libs! On Facebook we had our listeners more or less play Mad Libs with us and at the end of the show, one lucky winner had their answer chosen and won tickets to the Fryeburg Fair! Check out the audio below!


Below is the story and the word choices, so you can play with your friends!

Maine’s 1. 2. fair continues this weekend with 3. 4., going the distance, and heading to 5.. Established in 6. the Fryeburg Fair continues it’s 7.th year today. Over 8. daily 9. perform in six different 10. and the Fair’s signature 11.12. begin at 8 pm. New to this year’s fair is the chance to win a 13. 14. coop that is on display all week.

Other highlights of the day include 15. auctions, 16. gingerbread house decorating and multiple 17. shows. Tonight’s events boogie to an end with the disco sounds of Motor 18. Affair at the Grandstand, topped off by a 19. 20. show. The fair fun continues tomorrow with the best of the best showing their 21. during the Grand 22. at 23.am. Things come to an end on Sunday with the day filled with 24., 25. pulling and racing, for more information to go FRYEBURGFAIR.ORG. 


  1. Adjective:
  2. Adjective:
  3. Noun:
  4. Verb:
  5. Noun:
  6. Year:
  7. Number:
  8. Number:
  9. Noun:
  10. Noun:
  11. Adjective:
  12. Noun:
  13. Adjective:
  14. Animal:
  15. Noun:
  16. Adjective:
  17. Noun:
  18. Body Part:
  19. Adjective:
  20. Noun:
  21. Noun:
  22. Noun:
  23. Time:
  24. Verb:
  25. Animal:

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