Haunted Places in The Mount Washington Valley

by Gino on October 31, 2017

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For Halloween, Gino had people TEXT in at 356-9145 different supposed “Haunted Places” in the Mount Washington Valley. Below is the full list of places people suggested and the little bit of research Gino did into each place. Thanks to all who participated!

Eagle Mountain House and Golf Club – Jackson, NH – Although the original structure was built in 1879, it has been expanded quite a bit since those days. It was rebuilt after a fire in the early 20th century. A ghostly Lady in Red and the apparition of a little boy both make occasional appearances here, according to reports.

The Nutmeg Inn – Meredith, NH – Built in 1763, the inn is haunted by a ghost the staff have nicknamed Charlie. The inn is believed to have been a stop on the Underground Railroad and also a boardinghouse that once expelled two students for being Nazi Youths. Witnesses have described cold spots, apparitions turning up in photographs, and poltergeist pranks, but Charlie is known for being a kind and helpful ghost. In one case, the owners wanted to install electrical outlets in the Teaberry room, but found that it would be too expensive. They closed the room for the winter season and when they opened it again, they found an outlet had been installed right where they wanted it. The electricians they had contacted denied having put in the outlet, and the inn never received a bill for the service. Charlie is also believed to be responsible for helping a carpenter with the wood paneling in the entryway and coaxing flowers that had never bloomed before to bloom the day the new owners purchased the inn.

Christmas Farm Inn and Spa – Jackson, NH – This inn complex, originally opened in the 1880s, contains some buildings that are as old as the late 1770s. It is rumored to be haunted, and the staff can advise curious guests as to where the hot spots are. The inn has been featured on TV’s Ghost Hunters.

Stark Cemetery – Conway, NH – Reports say that at this cemetery, which glows at night, two large red eyes appear and follow visitors up and down Stark Road.

The Inn at Jackson – Jackson, NH – The inn was built in 1902 as the summer home of Kate Corinne Baldwin, of Baldwin piano fame. It is believed to be haunted by a ghost some call Jason. Unexplained glowing lights are said to appear and disappear here. Room 2 is often described as the most active for paranormal occurrences.

Mount Washington Hotel – Bretton Woods, NH – Room 314 is said to be the hotbed of haunted activity in this hotel. Allegedly haunted by Carolyn Stickney, the wife of the original owner. There have been reports of her being sighted since shortly following her death. She has been seen variously walking the halls, brushing her hair on the end of the bed in room 314 and other sightings of her walking through walls.

There are also reports of the sounds of babies crying in the Madison Room, and a not-so-nice female spirit that haunts room #206.

The Notchland Inn – Hart’s Location, NH – A tombstone in the inn’s front parlor reads “1778. Nancy Barton. Died in a snowstorm in pursuit of her faithless lover.” Nancy’s is a well-known local legend. When her fiance ran off with her dowry, she suspected which way he had gone and followed him on foot. The man had set up camp where the inn now stands, but when Nancy got here, she found he had already moved on. She was caught in a snowstorm and froze to death by the nearby brook, now called Nancy Brook.

Strange things that have happened at the inn include the name Abigail mysteriously written in steam on the bathroom mirror, although no one had taken a shower for hours. Another guest reported the unexplained appearance of fresh flowers while the guest was taking a nap. On the bathroom mirror, someone had written Happy Anniversary in lipstick. Both the flowers and the message quickly vanished.

Archer’s Pond and Polly’s Crossing – Ossipee, NH – The rumors about Archers Pond and Polly’s Crossing are endless. Ghosts walking around with a shotgun, chilling screams that will send you running, the ghost of a young girl walking the tracks, apparitions, voices.

Archers Pond Rumor #1: A man named Archie killed everyone in the small village surrounding Archers Pond and threw the bodies into the pond. Archie then hanged himself from a rope outside his house. The rope still appears on the property today. Archie’s ghostly apparition is seen walking around Archers Pond with a shotgun in hand.

Archers Pond Rumor #2: Locals insist creatures exist behind Archers Pond in the hills and a group of locals went out to disprove the legends in the 1950’s. They parked on a bridge near Archers Pond and their car began shaking violently. They all ran out and vowed to never return again.

Archers Pond Rumor #3: You can see the lights of old lanterns in the woods near Archers Pond and Polly’s Crossing at night.

Archers Pond Rumor #4: Polly’s Crossing was named after a girl named Polly that was hit by a train there. Polly’s horrific screaming can be heard in the woods at night.

Archers Pond Rumor #5: A boy named Andy Stockman went missing, his late 70’s Ford Mustang II was found at Archers Pond. His car had been set on fire. His body was found in Tuftonboro NH with a gunshot wound to his head (This rumor has been confirmed by several people who knew him but unfortunately the murder case remains unsolved)

Archers Pond Rumor #6: A young teen couple that lived on opposite sides of the pond were sneaking out at night to meet each other at the edge of the pond. The girl’s parents didn’t like the boy and told them to stay away from each other. They met at least once a week and promised each other the were going to run away and get married. One night, the teenage girl’s father noticed she was sneaking out and followed his daughter. When he found them together he murdered the young boy. The young girl killed herself a week later. Their ghostly shadows can be seen sitting on the Northern edge of the lake with their arms around each other.

Archers Pond Rumor #7: A man named Archer was walking on the frozen pond and fell through the ice. His body was never found. The townspeople named the pond after Archer.

Archers Pond Rumor #8: A poor woman named Polly needed new shoes but her husband insisted that she not buy new shoes because they had no money. One day Polly decided she was going to buy new shoes despite her husband’s demands. When he returned home and saw Polly’s new shoes he cut her head off with an axe then hung himself in the barn. The road named “Polly’s Crossing Rd.” was named after the poor woman Polly.

Archers Pond Rumor #9: In the 1800’s, the Archer’s Pond area residents all died from the plague (Small Pox). Most of their bodies were buried in a cemetery on the South side of Archers Pond. Today, only one headstone remains. There are old cellar holes on the South side of Archers pond as well. Other bodies may have been buried at the cemetery located at the Archers Pond Rd / Chickville Rd intersection in Ossipee but was not confirmed as fact.

Intrigued by all the rumors, we called the Ossipee town office and spoke with an unidentified person there. We talked to them about Archers Pond and Polly’s Crossing and as soon as Archers Pond was mentioned, the person cut me short and said: “Yes, it is haunted! Is that what you wanted to know?” They said it with a chuckle, I asked them if it is really true and they said they believe it is and they have also heard many stories about Archers pond.

Two people at the Ossipee town hall backed up the story about the village residents dying from the Plague (Small Pox) in the 1800’s and their bodies being buried in a cemetery there.

Special thanks to HauntedPlaces.org for the information!

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