Ranch Lovers Rejoice, You Can Now Get A Keg Of Ranch!

by Mower on November 8, 2017

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Hidden Valley Ranch dressing is now offering a mini keg of Ranch for Christmas season.

It holds five liters of ranch dressing and costs $50.

The 9 by 6 inch mini keg can easily fit in your fridge, to keep ranch on tap.

It arrives empty, but comes with 12 bottles of ranch that you can fill it with, on an as-needed basis.

 A spokesperson for Hidden Valley told Today Food “We want to ensure the ranch is as fresh as possible so people can fill their kegs when they are ready for their parties,”

Hidden Valley also offers other treats for ranch lovers including a Hidden Valley Ranch fountain with a holiday skirt costs $110

a Hidden Valley Ranch ugly Christmas sweater sells for $40

and Hidden Valley Ranch-themed socks sell for $12 a piece

You can find all these products for the ranch lover in your family here.

Photo’s courtesy of Hidden Valley Ranch
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