Celebrate America Recycles Day with The Recycle Mobile!

by Gino on November 14, 2017

in Front Page News,Gino and The Magic Morning Show

America Recycles Day is tomorrow November 15th and in celebration of that fact as well as it being our Annual Magic Holiday Food Drive, Gino had Rob Clark and The Recycle Mobile on the Magic Morning Show. You may have seen The Recycle Mobile around town, Rob travels all over Bartlett, Jackson, and Conway picking up recyclables from numerous residents, businesses, and restaurants. Check out Gino’s interview with Rob below!


Rob and The Recycle Mobile will be at our Annual Food Drive tomorrow from 9am-10am with our sister station WMWV so make sure you come on over and check it out!

For more information on The Recycle Mobile and how you can sign up go to THERECYCLEMOBILE.COM and for more info on America Recycles Day go to AMERICARECYCLESDAY.ORG

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