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Demi Lovato recently revealed that she enjoyed singing her hit “Sorry Not Sorry” to an infamous bully – and it seems she is referring to blogger Perez Hilton.

 “The other night I got to sing SNS directly to one of USA’s most notorious bullies. It felt so f**king great. That’s what the song is all about!!! Sorry not sorry that you were in the audience watching me kill it,” the 25-year-old singer tweeted.

She added, “And btw – he’s remaining nameless because he doesn’t deserve the relevance that he doesn’t have anymore.”

Fans were quick to tag Hilton in Lovato’s tweet. He previously made a video about attending her concert over the weekend.

“@DDLovato thinks I’m irrelevant and wants to give me a little relevance by tweeting about me! Watch the video I made about her show HERE: https://goo.gl/8apfGr,” Hilton responded on Monday. “Sorry I’m not sorry I said nothing but nice things about her and it!”

In the aforementioned video, the gossip columnist said Lovato “vocally sounded amazing.”

Hilton released a second video about Lovato on Tuesday. “@DDLovato claims to be an anti-bullying activist. But she sure is coming across like a bully to me! This is my response to her tweets against me! Watch this video in full HERE: https://goo.gl/V9y4eA,” he tweeted.

In response to a fan sticking up for Hilton, he pointed out that Lovato is “bipolar” and said she “has a lot of issues. It’s okay.”

Lovato has not confirmed that she’s talking about Hilton, who started his website over a decade ago. Hilton is known for his ruthless takes on celebrity gossip, but during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2010, he announced that he no longer wanted to be a “bully.”

Lovato previously called out Hilton in 2016 for liking tweets about her alleged feud with Mariah Carey. Hilton shared her direct messages about the situation telling him to “let it go.”


Ed Sheeran is sending love to a brave fan who is battling cancer. Sheeran sent the personal video to Kelly Dimmock, a 39-year-old British woman who has suffered through a series of personal tragedies, including the death of a nine-day-old son in 2005.

More recently, Dimmock was devastated with the news that she has stage four ovarian cancer.

“Every time I cry, my little boy starts singing Ed Sheeran’s ‘Perfect’ to me, and I’ve joked with him and I said, ‘Well, if you learn all the words, maybe Ed will come round for a cup of tea,” Dimmock shared to BBC. “And you know, didn’t think he’d take it seriously. But yeah he did and he just sat there with his iPad and he was constantly learning, and every time I cry he sings it to me.”

Upon hearing of Dimmock’s story, Sheeran took the time to send her a warm video message.

“Hey Kelly, Ed Here,” Sheeran says in the clip. “I’m in Perth in the moment but I just heard your story and I’m just sending you a message wishing you lots of love. I hope this makes you smile.”


Camila Cabello spent her 21st birthday with her parents. The singer shared a video Monday on Twitter of her mom and dad singing an over-the-top rendition of “Happy Birthday” as she celebrated the occasion at home.

The clip shows Cabello dressed in a sweatshirt, pajama pants and crown as she holds onto two bunches of balloons. The star and her family are about to enjoy a white two-tier cake with a bow.

“21,” she captioned the post. “thank you so much for your birthday wishes, i love you guys so much (that’s my parents singing and being extra lol.”

Cabello was born to Alejandro and Sinuhe Cabello in Havana, Cuba, in 1997, and immigrated to the U.S. when she was 6-years-old.

Cabello will promote her debut studio album, Camila, on the Never Be the Same tour, which kicks off April 9th in Vancouver, British Columbia.


After an image of 2-year-old Parker Curry gazing in awe at Michelle Obama’s portrait in the National Gallery went viral, the former first lady invited Curry to meet with her – and held a Taylor Swift dance party.

The former First Lady shared an adorable video as she danced with little Parker. “Parker, I’m so glad I had the chance to meet you today (and for the dance party)!,” Obama shared on Twitter. “Keep on dreaming big for yourself…and maybe one day I’ll proudly look up at a portrait of you!”

In the clip, Mrs. Obama and young Parker are seen getting their groove on to the strains of Taylor Swift’s 2014 smash, “Shake it Off.”

“Parker was in front of the portrait, and I really wanted her to turn around so I could get a picture with her, and she genuinely, honestly would not turn around,” her mother, Jessica Curry, said of the original viral image. “She was uncooperative with me because she was just so focused on the portrait and studying it, and she was just so fascinated.”

“In further discussion with (Parker) yesterday and today, I realized that she believes Michelle Obama is a queen, and she wants to be a queen as well …,” Curry added. “As a female and as a girl of color, It’s really important that I show her people who look like her that are doing amazing things and are making history so that she knows she can do it.”


Monday night’s finale of The Bachelor was messy, and the fallout has been even worse. Arie Luyendyk Jr. proposed to Becca Kufrin during the final rose ceremony in Peru, but then called off their engagement weeks later and admitted he still had feelings for runner-up Lauren Burnham.

But he didn’t just break up with Kufrin: he did as a part of the show, which has created a huge backlash for the producers and the Bachelor himself.

  • One social media user summed up the reaction, writing: “I hate Chris Harrison and The Bachelor producers and ABC for even filming this.”
  • Host Harrison stands by the decision though. “There was no way Arie was going to do this and look great,” the 46-year-old host said in an interview with ABC’s Good Morning America that aired Tuesday. “In my opinion, you don’t get to just tell the fairytales.”


  • Kufrin sat down with People for an exclusive interview, telling the mag that while she believes he’s “a good person” who did not do this “purposely” to “hurt me,” she wishes he had never proposed. Or at least handled his second thoughts differently.
  • “There was a better and more tactful way to do it,” she says of getting dumped on national television. “A breakup is hard enough, and to have it all filmed and have to re-watch it and know that people all across the country are watching you get your heart broken, it is embarrassing. It’s not fun. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. It was like a slap in the face.”
  •  Luyendyk Jr. and Burnham are back together.


  • Bekah Martinez, another contestant, says Luyendyk Jr. also reached out to her after the final rose ceremony. She shared them on Twitter.
  • “DM’ing your ex is a good look too @ariejr,” Martinez wrote alongside the messages. She then tweeted, “Yeah Arie was probably being friendly but guess what I DON’T CARE HAHAHA, BOY BYEEEEE.”


  • Luyendyk Jr. selected a four-carat, platinum-set halo diamond worth $80K from Neil Lane to propose to Kufrin with. The current whereabouts of the ring are unknown, but many on social media are hoping she gets to keep it.
  • The Bachelor contract, however, says that if you are not together for two years after the final day of the show airing, the ring must be returned.
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