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by Gino on May 14, 2018

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Fans are rejoicing after Brooklyn Nine-Nine got picked up by NBC for a sixth season. Fox canceled the Andy Samberg series and social media erupted in outrage, prompting NBC to step in.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine co-creator Mike Schur and the show’s cast took to social media late Friday night to celebrate the win. Schur tweeted: “This happened because the fans of the show went berserk. Hey, you were going to go berserk with disappointment if Brooklyn Nine-Nine got taken off the air either way. The fact it helped the show get picked up is just the best possible outcome. So congrats, beserkers! You do it!”

  • Star Terry Crews thanked Star Wars star Mark Hamill for using his platform on social media to intercede on behalf of the show. On Saturday morning, the actor, who stars as  Sgt. Terry Jeffords on the series, wrote, “@HamillHimself I want to personally THANK YOU Mark for using the power of the force to save Brooklyn Nine Nine! *Wipes dirt off shoulder*.”


Kehlani has opened up about Rita Ora’s new record, “Girls,” which features Cardi B, Bebe Rexha and Charli XCX. On Twitter, Kehlani called out Rita and Cardi’s lyrics for fetishizing the LGBTQ community. She wrote, “Every artist on the song is fantastic, and very much loved and supported by me… by all of us. but this isn’t about talent. it’s about choice.” 

She went on to explain that her comment wasn’t an attack on the artists on the song. Kehlani said, “And don’t make this personal. I have an incredible song out with one of the artists, and would love to work with the other three as well. & have met them all and respect them.” 

  • Kehlani added, “there. were. harmful. lyrics. period. love y’all.”
  • Meanwhile, according to Rap-Up, Ora appears to have responded to critics about the record and told Billboard, “I just really wanted to show a side of me that just represents freedom and the belief [that you should] really be what you want to be. It’s not actually that deep. It really is just about that. It’s a free message, and for me, really fun. It’s just a fun record.”


Thanks to Justin Timberlake, the “braspberry” craze is taking off. The fruit company Driscoll’s has started packaging the berry mash-up – a blueberry stuffed inside a raspberry – for promotional purposes, but they hope to have them in stores soon.

“New berry launch!” the company posted on Instagram, along with a photo of a package of braspberries. “Fresh from the farm, #Braspberries are an out of this world flavor combination! @justintimberlake, be on the lookout in a grocery store near you.”

Justin ignited the braspberry craze back in December of last year when he posted about the snack on his Instagram. Then, he incorporated his “invention” in the latest ad for Bai beverages, for which he serves as a spokesperson.

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