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Weddings are all about love, but the lead-up to the big day is notorious for creating behind-the-scenes drama. When the ceremony (and the lead-up) takes place on a world stage, the pressure—and gaffes—take on even more operatic proportions. 

The May 19thwedding of Meghan Markle—a divorced, biracial American actress—to Prince Harry, sixth in line for the English throne, has inspired endless fascination and coverage because of its historical-feeling implications. 

  • Over the weekend, a new installment in the saga unfurled. The Daily Mail reported that Meghan’s father Thomas, who was set to walk her down the aisle this Saturday until this latest scandal broke, reportedly staged photographs with a celebrity snapper who was paid tens of thousands of dollars (which many presume he shared with the father-of-the-bride). The shots showed Thomas getting fitted for a suit and working out, among other wholesome-looking activities. 
  • On Monday, Meghan’s half sister Samantha, who isn’t invited to the wedding, took the fall for her father. Hours later, Thomas revealed mid-scandal that he would not attend the wedding. He reportedly suffered a heart attack six days ago, according to The Daily Mail, which added that he is doing much better. He also reportedly told the paper that he did not stage the photos for money, but because he did not want to appear looking slovenly or unkempt. 
  • “I have to say I am entirely the culprit,” Samantha said during an appearance on British talk show Loose Women on Monday. “As we know the media can take very unflattering photographs of people on their casual days and blow it way out of proportion. I said, you know, the world has no idea you’re getting in shape, doing healthy things. They don’t photograph you buying vegetables and PH water. They photograph you as unflattering ways as they can.”
  • “Let me clarify, he’s 73, which makes him a bit more fragile,” she said. “He’s a quiet man. I feel that the media have unfairly preyed on him. He’s really been admirable about laying low and not speaking out, with all due respect. I merely wanted him to be seen in a respectable light. I didn’t feel that was being done so I suggested that the photographers show him as he is, doing positive things and that was never addressed.”
  • The Palace had no comment. 


STATIONS: Please note the following story contains language that could be considered offensive to your audience.

John Cena put his heart on the line on The Today Show Monday. The WWE star opened up about his recent split from fiancé Nikki Bella, telling hosts Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford that he is still hoping they can get back together, and adds that he hopes to have children with her. 

“It’s up and it’s down,” John replied when asked how he’s doing after their breakup. “It’s been incredibly reflective, which is amazing, but it’s very difficult. I had my heart broken out of nowhere…or for me it was out of nowhere. Anyone who has experienced that knows it comes with a series of bad feelings.”

  • The 41-year-old continued: “I still love Nicole, I would love to marry Nicole, I still would love to have a family with Nicole. It was an unfortunate set of circumstances where our relationship ended.”


  • Meanwhile, E! released footage of an upcoming episode of Total Divas. It shows Nikki and her twin Brie arguing about her upcoming wedding to John. (They hadn’t split when the show was still filming.) 
  • “I don’t understand why you have to walk on eggshells with him with this wedding,” Brie said in a video clip posted by E! on Monday. “It’s like absolutely ridiculous.”
  • “No, it’s been a lot of fun [planning our wedding] so don’t make it negative,” Nikki answered.
  • “Sometimes you just tiptoe around John to not make him angry and I think that’s bulls–t,” Brie countered.
  • “Isn’t that what wives are supposed to do?” Nikki asked.
  • “F–k no. I tell [husband Daniel Bryan] exactly how I feel all the time. I don’t hold back ever,” Brie said. “It bothers me because I know what you want.”
  • Total Divas returns Sunday, May 29that 9 pm on E!


Rita Ora has issued an apology for her new song, “Girls,” and opened up about her own sexuality. In a Twitter message following backlash for the song’s bi-curious lyrics, Rita revealed the song was based on her personal experience.

“‘Girls’ was written to represent my truth and is an accurate account of a very real and honest experience in my life,” she said. “I have had romantic relationships with women and men throughout my life and this is my personal journey.”

She added, “I am sorry how I expressed myself in my song has hurt anyone. I would never intentionally cause harm to other LGBTQ+ people or anyone.”

Rita concluded by thanking her fans for “teaching me to love myself no matter what.”

“I have strived to be a contributor to the LGBTQ+ community throughout my entire career and always will be,” she wrote.

The song, a collaboration featuring Bebe Rexha, Charli XCX and Cardi B, contains the lyrics, “Sometimes, I just wanna kiss girls, girls, girls/Red wine, I just wanna kiss girls, girls, girls.”

Some fans and even fellow artists such as Kehlani and Hayley Kiyoko found the lyrics problematic, particularly the implication that alcohol is a part of same-sex love.

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