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by Gino on October 9, 2012

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Ohio States Band Plays Tribute To Video Games During Halftime Of Ohio/Nebraska Game

Angry Birds Star Wars Is On The Way

Rovio announced Monday (October 8th) that the next installment in their wildly-popular Angry Birds video game franchise will be Angry Birds Star Wars, out on November 8th. Some of the details known about the new game are that the Angry Birds characters will take on the roles of Star Wars figures, including the Red Bird as Luke Skywalker and a piggy Darth Vader, and familiar Star Wars locations will be seen. The Angry Birds franchise has been downloaded over one billion times since its December 2009 debut.

The 23 Mile Jump Is Today

Skydiver Felix Baumgartner is set to attempt today (October 9th) to make the highest, fastest free fall in history from 23 miles up, which is more than three times the average cruising altitude for passenger jets. As the 43-year-old Austrian military parachutist and extreme athlete jumps from the stratosphere over New Mexico in a pressurized spacesuit, Baumgartner hopes to also become the first person to break the sound barrier outside of an airplane. If successful, the jump should provide information for scientists on spacesuit design that could help astronauts survive a high-altitude disaster. Energy drink maker Red Bull is sponsoring the jump, and will have a live Internet stream from cameras recording it. However, there will be a 20-second delay in case of a tragic accident. The current free-fall record is from 19.5 miles up, set by Joe Kittinger in 1960.

‘Wall Street Journal’: You Really Don’t Get Good Deals on Black Friday

If you brave the crazy crowds to shop for Christmas gifts on “Black Friday” — the day after Thanksgiving — in order to get deals, the Wall Street Journal says you’re likely wasting your time. The Journal reported Monday (October 8th) that after examining pricing data over two to six years for several typical holiday gifts, they found that the best times to get deals almost never include Black Friday. They found that gifts are often priced below Black Friday levels at various times throughout the year, even during the holiday season.

High School Students Suspended for Eating Energy Mints

A high school in Pekin, Illinois, suspended four students last week for eating chewable energy mints in the school cafeteria. Officials at Pekin Community High School originally thought the teens were taking illegal drugs, but upheld a suspension anyway when they found out it was Revive energy mints, which are marketed like caffeinated energy drinks. Eric Michael, a 17-year-old student who was one of those suspended for two days and not allowed to attended homecoming celebrations, told local TV station WMBD, “People bring energy drinks to school every day. I see this every day and we get in trouble for energy mints?” McMichael’s father, Jason McMichael, told the Peoria Journal Star newspaper that he was told by officials that the suspensions were upheld even though the mints weren’t illegal drugs because the teens showed, quote, “gross misconduct for taking an unknown product.”

Soda Makers to Show Calories on Vending Machines

The American Beverage Association said Monday (October 8th) that sodamakers Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group and others will next year start displaying the calorie count for drinks sold in vending machines. City government buildings in San Antonio and Chicago will be the first to have vending machines showing calorie counts, with it spreading out nationwide after that. The calorie counts will be shown on the buttons people press to pick a drink and the machines will also display a message reminding consumers to, quote, “check then choose” and “try a low calorie beverage.”

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