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by Gino on October 30, 2012

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More People Saying Political Affiliation is a Dating Deal-Breaker

In our politically polarized times, more people are saying that political affiliation is a dating deal-breaker, saying they won’t date a Democrat if they’re a Republican or a Republican if they’re a Democrat, the Wall Street Journal reports, citing Barbie Adler, the owner of high-end matchmaking service Selective Search. Adler, who’s firm has 28 offices across the country, says she’s seeing more clients unwilling to date across political lines this year than in other recent presidential election years. Adler says her clients are often putting differing political affiliation ahead of religious differences, unattractiveness, and low educational and professional attainment on the list of things they don’t want. Adler told the Journal that in the past, about 25 percent of her clients wouldn’t date a member of the opposite party, but now it’s jumped up to 75 percent, with the opposition to it particularly strong in swing states. The Journal says far less expensive dating services are seeing this political dating divide too, such as OK Cupid and

Your Homemade Naked Photos Are NOT Safe

A new study concludes that 88-percent of homemade pornography, including videos and still images, finds it’s way onto porn sites without the owner’s knowledge. The images are taken from various places, including lost or stolen cell phones, or hacked private accounts on Photobucket, Flickr, Facebook, or Tumblr. The images and videos are posted to website referred to as “para-sites,” which are devoted to hosting sexual images featuring young subjects. (Live Science)

Google Event Cancelled

Google was scheduled to unveil it’s Android yesterday (October 29th,) but had to cancel the event due to Hurricane Sandy. The event was scheduled for 9-A-M in New York City, which is in a state of emergency due to the storm. At the event, Google was expected to detail the next version of their Android. It was also rumored that Google would announce a new Nexus LG phone, and a new Nexus tablet. The event has not been rescheduled yet. (ABC News)

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