Celebrity Sleaze for Monday 11/5/12

by Gino on November 5, 2012

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  1. Wreck-It Ralph, $49.1 million
  2. Flight, $25 million
  3. Argo, $10.2 million
  4. The Man With the Iron Fists, $10.2 million
  5. Taken 2, $6 million
  6. Cloud Atlas, $5.3 million
  7. Hotel Transylvania, $4.5 million
  8. Paranormal Activity 4, $4.3 million
  9. Here Comes the Boom, $3.6 million
  10. Silent Hill: Revelation, $3.3 million

EDDIE MURPHY IS NOT DEAD: You’ve got to wonder about the motivation behind the prank news site known as Global Associated Press. The site once again has floated a rumor that comedian Eddie Murphy has died in a skiing accident in Switzerland, according to Gossip.com. Gossip.com, which confirmed Murphy’s continued existence, says nobody can explain why Murphy is so often reported to be dead, compared with the many other celebrities who only occasionally are the subject of false death reports. In fact, Murphy was very visibly alive and healthy late last week, when he taped an upcoming Spike TV special, Eddie Murphy Live One Night Only. Among the eyewitnesses to his continued good health were many celebrities who turned up to toast Murphy, including Jamie Foxx, Adam Sandler, and Tracy Morgan.

SHARON OSBOURNE UNDERGOES MASTECTOMY: Sharon Osbourne reveals that she recently underwent a double mastectomy, in an interview in the new issue of Hello! magazine. The former judge of America’s Got Talent and wife of Ozzy Osbourne told the magazine that she learned that she has the BRCA gene. Having the gene substantially increases the risk of getting breast cancer. Osbourne did not have breast cancer but, she said, she decided to “just take everything off.” Osbourne previously was treated for colon cancer.

JOE SIMPSON SAYS HE’S NOT GAY: Where do these stories get started? TMZ.com says Joe Simpson, Jessica Simpson’s dad, is telling his friends and colleagues that stories that he has “switched teams” are absurd. Joe and his wife Tina recently split after 34 years of marriage. Since then, the 54-year-old Joe has been sporting a new and much more youthful look, including blonde highlights, skinny jeans and form-fitting sweaters. Maybe his new look sent some mixed signals.

EVELYN LOZADA’S NEXT ACT: Former reality show star Evelyn Lozada is getting ready for life after Basketball Wives. TMZ sources say she’s close to signing a deal to endorse a new caffeine-free energy shot. She also hopes to create her own line of workout videos. Looks like she’s set on becoming the new Jane Fonda.

OCTOMOM AND DAD IN REHAB: TMZ says that Nadya Suleman has some company at the Chapman House Rehabilitation Center: her dad. A rep for the “Octomom” says Ed Doud has checked into the center, but is being treated in another wing of the facility and may not yet have met up with his daughter. Suleman is enrolled in a 30-day program for Xanax dependency, while her dad is seeking treatment for alcoholism. Her kids are being cared for by three nannies.

CHRIS ROCK’S MESSAGE FOR WHITE PEOPLE: Comedian Chris Rock taped a tongue-in-cheek special message for white people in behalf of the reelection of President Barack Obama, for airing on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show. In his message, Rock assures voters that they can vote for Obama because, actually, he’s white. As evidence, Rock points out that the president plays golf, bowls, wears “mom” jeans, and dances badly. Also, his dog is a Portuguese water dog. And, his boyhood nickname was Barry, which is, according to Rock, “the third whitest name” in the world.

GEORGE CLOONEY GOES TO WAR: George Clooney, Gerard Butler and Olivia Wilde all are going to war, People.com reports. Movie war, that is, not real war. Clooney will co-write, direct and star in The Monuments Men, about a team that stole back art that had been seized by the Nazis during World War Two. Butler will star in Dynamo, based on a true story about a soccer match between a Ukrainian team and the Nazis. Wilde will star in The Keeping Room, a film about two sisters and a slave during the final days of the Civil War.

KARDASHIAN LEGAL FIGHT EXPANDS: Now there are two cosmetics companies accusing the Kardashian family of stealing their name, TMZ reports. A company called Kroma (with no “h”) has filed documents charging that the new Kardashian line, to be called Khroma (with an “h”) violates their trademark. Now another cosmetics maker, called Chroma (with a “c” and an “h”) has filed documents with the patent office accusing the Kardashians of stealing the name. The founder of that firm is particularly annoyed because his line is an expensive brand for Beverly Hills ladies, while the Kardashians are apparently aiming their products at CVS and Sears customers.

ALL-STAR TELETHON RAISES $23 MILLION: How much money can you raise in one hour with some help from Bruce Springsteen, Christina Aguilera, Sting, Mary J. Blige, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith and Billy Joel? The answer is $23 million. That’s how much was raised by NBC and the Red Cross during Friday night’s (November 2nd) telethon for victims of last week’s historic hurricane on the East Coast. The lineup for the telethon was dominated by Jersey boys (and girls). New Jersey natives Jon Stewart, Brian Williams and Danny DeVito also were on hand.

CLUELESS REUNION NETS $500: Vamps, a new movie by the team that made the 1995 hit Clueless, grossed $500 in its first weekend of release. That’s right, $500. Vamps, a low-budget vampire comedy from Alicia Silverstone and writer-director Amy Heckerling, opened in only one theater in New York, according to eonline.com. The movie is scheduled for a November 13th DVD release. Clueless grossed $56 million.

Last week came the epic news that the Walt Disney Company would buy the studio created by film wizard George Lucas, and the rights to the Star Wars movies along with it. Industry experts see this as a bet on a franchise. That is, we can expect to see Yoda and R2D2 at Disney World and other theme parks around the world. And, the latest Star Wars movie will become a movie “event,” just like James Bond or, well, like Mickey Mouse. Disney reportedly is already preparing the first of three new Star Wars movies for rollout in 2015. It is expected to be Episode 7, set immediately after the death of Darth Vader.

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