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by Gino on November 8, 2012

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A beauty guru’s message to her molester

Budweiser To Make A Stronger Beer

Anheuser Busch InBev says it will release a beer in early 2013 that will be six-percent alcohol by volume. The product will be called “Black Crown.” Regular Budweiser is only five-percent alcohol by volume. Advertising Age suggests that the company may launch Black Crown through a series of expensive Super Bowl ads, as it’s how they released “Bud Light Platinum” in January 2012. (Fox News)

Apple Working On Smartphone Disabling Technology

Apple has patented technology that would act as a “kill switch” for smartphones by disabling their cameras and cutting off their connection to mobile networks. The technology would send an encoded signal through mobile networks, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or GPS to disable select smartphone features. Apple says the function would likely be used to prevent copyright left, or stop inappropriate use of phone cameras, but could also be used in “covert police or government operations.” (Daily Mail)

Viral Video of 9-Year-Old Girl Football Player Against Boys Raises Safety Questions

Video posted by a Utah dad of his 9-year-old daughter playing football with boys two years older than her and outrunning them all has gone viral, and it’s raised questions about whether it’s safe. Yahoo! Sports reports that it began last year when Sam Gordon wanted to run with the older kids and keep up with her brother. The coaches in the local tackle football league let her do it as a lark, and were shocked to find that she could outrun all the older boys. And when they put her into a game, they were amazed by her ability to cut in and out while running and find a path through. They drafted her as a member of the team, and she ended up running for 25 touchdowns and 10 conversions in her first season. The questions some are asking, though, is whether this girl, who weighs less than 60 pounds, should be playing tackle football against bigger, stronger boys. When asked about the tackling, Sam’s father, Brent Gordon, told Yahoo! Sports, “I started her out in soccer at 4 years old and we would play out in the yard. And my son’s friends were pretty aggressive and rough. She could really handle a lot of the physical play. There were some games where she’d fall down and just keep going. She would get kicked in the face, kicked in the gut and just keep going.” Gordon also said Sam loves to tackle, and only had to come out of a game once after being shaken up by a hit, but then went back in after a few plays.

Puerto Rico Votes for Statehood — Should U.S. Approve?

People in Puerto Rico also went to the polls on Tuesday (November 6th), and a slim majority voted for the first time in favor of becoming the 51st U.S. state. The process is more complicated than that, however, since the vote was a non-binding referendum and, more importantly, the U.S. Congress would have to approve Puerto Rico becoming a state. The two-part referendum first asked voters whether they wanted to change the island’s 114-year-old relationship with the U.S., and nearly 54 percent said yes. The second question asked voters to choose from three options in changing the relationship: statehood, which got the largest number of votes by far at 61 percent; sovereign free association, which would give Puerto Rico more autonomy, at 33 percent; or independence, which drew just five percent of the vote. Although President Obama has said he’d respect the outcome of the referendum, it’s unclear whether Congress will act on the resolution. Puerto Rico is currently a U.S. territory whose residents are American citizens, but are banned from voting in presidential elections.

Really? #Hillary2016 Already?

The two-year-long 2012 presidential campaign finally came to an end Tuesday night (November 6th) at 11:15 p.m., when the networks announced that President Obama had won Ohio and therefore had been re-elected. But as most of the nation, whether their candidate had won or not, was at least relieved that the whole thing was over at last, at just about the same time, #Hillary2016 was trending on Twitter, as some people were already looking ahead to the next election. As #Hillary2016 trended, the memes started popping up, including one based a popular meme from a few months ago that showed a sunglasses-wearing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton texting funny lines to different politicians. The new meme showed Obama texting with the message, “We did it, four more years!”, and the Hillary texting photo beneath it with the words, “Keep the seat warm. #Hillary2016.”

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