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by Gino on November 14, 2012

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‘JERSEY SHORE’ STAR VINNY GUADAGNINO LANDS TALK SHOW: MTV has given the green light to a new talk show starring Jersey Shore’s Vinny Guadagnino. The show will feature Vinny and members of his family chatting it up and dining with stars. The show will be a combination of footage from Vinny’s home life and celebrity interviews.

THE CW BUYS SPEC FOR NEW TEEN DRAMA: A new teen survival drama that is described as a cross between Contagion and The Hunger Games has been bought by The CW. The story follows a group of teens who escape containment in a world where teens have been quarantined from adults after a virus makes adults allergic to teenagers. The show is called Sick.

‘CHICAGO FIRE’ GETS FULL SEASON: NBC has picked up its firefighting drama, Chicago Fire, for a full season. Though the ratings have not been spectacular, the network has faith in the show that has Law & Order’s Dick Wolf as executive producer.

LIZA MINNELLI GUEST STARRING ON ‘SMASH’: Liza Minnelli is yet another Broadway superstar to accept a gig on NBC’s musical drama Smash. She will play herself in a spring episode of the upcoming second season.

‘BLACK SWAN’ WRITER TO SCRIPT JOHNNY CARSON BIOPIC: Black Swan screenwriter John McLaughlin will team up with producer Tom Thayer and the estate of the late Johnny Carson to create a biopic of the Tonight Show host. It will be based on the upcoming Bill Zehme book Carson The Magnificent: An Intimate Portrait.

TEASER TRAILER FOR FILM ADAPTATION OF STEPHENIE MEYER’S ‘THE HOST’ RELEASED: Twilight author Stephenie Meyer’s best-selling novel, The Host, will open in theaters on March 29th, 2013. A teaser trailer and movie poster have been released. The film stars Saoirse Ronan, Max Irons, and Jake Abel and was directed by Andrew Niccol.

ADRIENNE MALOOF AND EX HUSBAND INVESTIGATED FOR CHILD ABUSE: Following their 6-year-old son’s visit to the emergency room with 3 broken fingers, Adrienne Maloof (The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) and her ex husband are being investigated by Child Protective Services. Though it is customary for the agency to get involved whenever a child suffers mysterious injuries, this is the second time in two months that Child Protective Services has been notified regarding the little boy. Maloof’s ex husband claims his son fell off a carnival ride.

MIAMI HOUSEWIFE CONSULTS LAWYER OVER ON-SCREEN SCUFFLE: The fist-meets-face drama between Joanna Krupa and Adriana de Moura on The Real Housewives of Miami may have been a major water cooler moment for the Bravo series but Joanna is taking it very seriously. Sources say she has been in contact with one of Miami’s most powerful attorneys to assess what options she has.

AMANDA BYNES DENIES THAT JENNIE GARTH REACHED OUT TO HER: During a recent visit to Jeff Probst’s talk show, Jennie Garth revealed that she had reached out to her What I Like About You co-star in her time of need. Amanda Bynes has responded to this claim by saying that she had never heard from Jennie. The source close to Bynes who reported this to TMZ also mentioned that Amanda would love to reconnect with her sitcom big sister and that she would try to reach out herself.

KEIRA KNIGHTLEY DISCUSSES ANOREXIA RUMORS IN ALLURE: Keira Knightley isn’t shy about showing a lot of skin on the cover of the December issue of Allure to promote Anna Kerenina even though she mentions her physical insecurities in the interview inside. It seems all of the attention focused on her weight and the accusations of anorexia in the past made her believe there was something wrong with her body. She maintains that she was not anorexic but all of her critics made her question her appearance.

Janeane Garofalo has always been a bit more vocal about her political beliefs than her romantic life. However, she recently dropped a bombshell on a Page Six reporter. Not only did Janeane partake in a drunken Vegas wedding with her boyfriend, Rob Cohen, but the nuptials happened 20 years ago! The couple had only been dating for a year when they had a cab driver take them to a drive-through chapel.

Neither participant believed that the marriage was legit until Rob began planning his wedding with his current fiancee. Garofalo went on to tell the New York Post that the pair officially dissolved their marriage this past week. Both were under the impression that they needed to obtain proper court documents for the marriage to be legal but Rob’s lawyer recently discovered that this was not the case.

  • Rob Cohen is a producer for The Big Bang Theory

Lawyers for the young man that had initially claimed to be 16 when he had a sexual relationship with Kevin Clash, have released a statement that their client admitted it was a legal relationship between two consenting adults.

Clash, the voice of Elmo and also a producer on Sesame Street, had taken a leave of absence from the show to combat the allegations. He also made a statement expressing his relief that he has been vindicated and that he would like to put the incident behind him.

Sources told TMZ that the accuser’s attorneys were meeting with Clash’s representation to discuss a possible financial settlement. This information came out shortly after an email was leaked in which Clash confessed to being in love with the accuser and apologized to him for repeatedly talking about sex with him. The email was sent two years ago when the young man was 21.

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