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by Gino on November 19, 2012

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The History Of The Twinkie

Twinkies were invented in Schiller Park, Illinois in 1930 by James Alexander Dewar, a baker for the Continental Baking Company.[1] Realizing that several machines used to make cream-filled strawberry shortcake sat idle when strawberries were out of season, Dewar conceived a snack cake filled with banana cream, which he dubbed the Twinkie.[2] He said he came up with the name when he saw a billboard in St. Louis for “Twinkle Toe Shoes”.[3] During World War II, bananas were rationed and the company was forced to switch to vanilla cream. This change proved popular, and banana-cream Twinkies were not widely re-introduced. The original flavor was occasionally found in limited-time promotions, but the company used vanilla cream for most Twinkies.[4] In 1988, Fruit and Cream Twinkies were introduced with a strawberry filling swirled into the cream. However, the product was soon dropped.[5] Vanilla’s dominance over banana flavoring would be challenged in 2005, following a month-long promotion of the movie King Kong. Hostess saw its Twinkie sales rise 20 percent during the promotion, and in 2007 permanently restored the banana-cream Twinkie to its snack lineup.[6]

On May 4, 2012,[7] parent company Hostess filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.[3] Twinkie sales for the year ended December 25, 2011 were 36 million packages, down almost 2% from a year earlier.[3] Hostess said customers have migrated to healthier foods.[3] At 7:00am(EST) On the 16th of November 2012, Hostess officially announced: “Hostess will be winding down operations and has filed a motion with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court seeking permission to close its business and sell its assets, including its iconic brands and facilities. Bakery operations have been suspended at all plants. Delivery of products will continue and Hostess Brands retail stores will remain open for several days in order to sell already-baked products.”[8]

Twinkies are still produced in Canada by Saputo Incorporated‘s Vachon Inc. (in bakery in Montreal) which owns the Canadian rights for the product from Hostess and is not affected by the actions in the United States.[9]

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N.J. Gov. Christie Makes Post-Sandy Cameo on ‘Saturday Night Live’

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie made a cameo appearance on Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update” this past Saturday (November 17th), poking fun at his notoriously short temper as well as the blue fleece “Governor” jacket he’s worn while touring his state after Superstorm Sandy. After thanking the Red Cross and first responders, Christie also thanked his wife, who he said has put up with, quote, “a husband who has smelled like a wet fleece for the last three weeks.” He added, “It’s basically fused to my skin at this point. . . . I’m gonna die in this fleece.” Christie joked that he wouldn’t thank, quote, “any of the stupid mayors” who ignored his evacuation orders, calling them “idiots.” And the Bruce Springsteen superfan finished by quoting from The Boss’ song, “Atlantic City.”

New E-Textbook Tool Can Track Reading Habits

Digital textbooks now have the ability to “tattle” on lazy pupils. The e-textbook publisher CourseSmart has just revealed a tool called CourseSmart Analytics. The tool can determine how many pages a student read, how much time it took them to read them, how many notes they took, and how “engaged’ they were by the reading. Three U.S. colleges will pilot the tool. (PopSci)

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