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by Gino on November 26, 2012

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‘Gangnam Style’ Now Most-Watched YouTube Video Ever

“Gangnam Style,” the smash hit by South Korean rapper Psy that came out of nowhere this summer to become a pop culture sensation, has now become the most-watched YouTube video of all time. The video, which as of today has more than 824 million views, passed the previous record-holder, Justin Bieber’s “Baby,” on Saturday (November 24th) to nab the record. Even more amazing, it’s taken more than than two-and-a-half years for “Baby” to rack up its more than 804 million views since being posted in February 2010; “Gangnam Style” took the title in just over four months, since going up on YouTube on July 15th.

Scientists Have Discovered A Smell

Scientists have discovered a new scent, but you can only smell it in a laboratory. Scientists called the smell “olfactory white.” They say it is a mixture of many different smelly compounds, in other words it’s the equivalent of white noise for the nose. Scientists explain that most smells in the real world come from mixtures of compounds, and humans are good at telling the mixtures apart, but poor at picking individual compounds out of those mixtures. Participants rated the scent of olfactory white as right in the middle of the scale for both pleasantness and edibility. (Fox News)

Women Run Longer After Boozing The Night Before
In an experiment that Runner’s World magazine performed, females ran, on average, 22-percent longer the morning after drinking beer. Men did worse in the experiment- they ran 21-percent slower after drinking moderately the night before. Dr. Gig Leadbetter, who lead the experiement, says that women use and metabolize fuel sources differently than men. (Daily Mail)

Are You an Annoying Air Traveler?

Millions of Americans traveled by air this past weekend to get to and from their Thanksgiving celebrations, and the one thing they all had in common was that their planes were staffed by flight attendants, who have seen it all when it comes to the worst in passengers. The travel search website Skyscanner surveyed more than 700 international flight attendants around the world about their jobs, coming up with their answers for the most annoying passenger habits. They are:

  • Snapping their fingers to get flight attendant’s attention (26 percent)
  • Leaving their seat at the end of the flight before the seat belt sign is turned off (13 percent)
  • Stuffing too many bags in the overhead bins (11 percent)
  • Complaining there’s no space for carry-on bags (10 percent)
  • Talking through the safety demonstration (9 percent)
  • Asking for more blankets or pillows (8 percent)
  • Stuffing garbage in the seat pocket (7 percent)
  • Asking for a different meal (6 percent)
  • Ringing the flight attendant call button to complain about cabin temperature (6 percent)
  • Asking for a specific brand of drink (4 percent)

As for the perfect passenger, you might be surprised to learn that, according to the flight attendants surveyed, he’s a man in his 30s traveling alone for pleasure rather than business.

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