Celebrity Sleaze for Monday 11/26/12

by Gino on November 26, 2012

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  1. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2, $43.1 million
  2. Skyfall, $36 million
  3. Lincoln, $25 million
  4. Rise of the Guardians, $24 million
  5. Life of Pi, $22 million
  6. Wreck-It Ralph, $16.8 million
  7. Red Dawn, $14.6 million
  8. Flight, $8.6 million
  9. Silver Linings Playbook, $4.6 million
  10. Argo, $3.9 million


  1. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2, $64 million
  2. Skyfall, $51 million
  3. Lincoln, $34.1 million
  4. Rise of the Guardians, $32.6 million
  5. Life of Pi, $30.2 million

BRADLEY COOPER REFUSED TO GO NUDE FOR COLLEGE TV SHOW: Bradley Cooper recently appeared on The Tonight Show where he revealed that he almost bared it all on a travel TV show he hosted in college. The 2011 Sexiest Man Alive considered his future career as an actor and opted not to disrobe while visiting a nude beach in Croatia.

MAYIM BIALIK DIVORCING FROM HUSBAND: Mayim Bialik is citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for seeking a divorce from her husband of nine years. She released a statement on her website to let fans know that her priority will be “to make this transition as smooth and painless as possible” for the couple’s two children.

REPORTER WHO LEAKED KATE MIDDLETON PHOTOS RESIGNS: The tabloid editor who released topless photos of Kate Middleton has resigned. The editor of the Irish Daily Star had been suspended for publishing the photos back in September.

‘TOP MODEL’ JUDGE SURRENDERS TO POLICE: Rob Evans, a judge on the most recent season of America’s Next Top Model, surrendered to police for a felony assault charge. He was released a short time later, after posting his $60,000 bail.

FORMER ‘REAL WORLD’ CAST MEMBER IMPRISONED: David “Puck” Rainey who was a cast member on Real World: San Francisco is officially serving time in prison after being convicted of stalking earlier this year. He turned himself in to Wasco State Prison earlier this month.

DISCOVERY CHANNEL CANCELS ‘DIRTY JOBS’: Discovery Channel has cancelled Dirty Jobs once it concludes it eighth season. The show’s host, Mike Rowe, took some time on Thanksgiving to express his disappointment over the news and to thank all of the people involved with the show over the years.

MORE ‘PARANORMAL ACTIVITY ORDERED’ FOR 2013: Following the success of the fourth installment of Paranormal Activity last October, Paramount has announced that Paranormal Activity 5 will hit theaters in October of 2013. The studio is also working on a spinoff geared toward a Hispanic audience.

JUDD APATOW’S EPISODE OF ‘THE SIMPSONS’ TO AIR NEXT SEASON: Judd Apatow has written an episode of The Simpsons and he revealed to Conan O’Brien that producers for the show will create it next year. The episode, which was reportedly written 22 years ago, deals with Homer being hypnotized to think he is 10 years old.

‘DOWNTON ABBEY’ COMING BACK FOR SEASON FOUR: Britain’s ITV has renewed Downton Abbey for a fourth season. Although season three has yet to air in the United States, its season finale had a record number of viewers overseas.

STEVEN SPIELBERG WAS DENIED OFFER TO DIRECT A BOND FILM: Steven Spielberg told UK’s Daily Mail that he was rejected when he expressed interest in directing a James Bond film to Cubby Broccoli. He said that he never bothered asking again but instead decided to move forward with the Indiana Jones series.

Lindsay Lohan has received some pretty hefty paychecks for the work she has done on the road to her comeback but the troubled star reportedly needed a little help from a friend to pay off some tax bills. TMZ is reporting that Charlie Sheen gave Lilo a check for $100,000 to help her pay off her debt to Uncle Sam.

Lindsay allegedly owes $233,904 from unpaid taxes in 2009 and 2010 which she revealed to Sheen while the pair was filming Scary Movie 5 together back in September. Sources claim the check was sent to Lindsay’s business manager last week and she immediately applied it to her bill.

  • Lindsay is slated to earn over $2 million by the end of the year.

Halle Berry‘s baby daddy Gabriel Aubry was arrested on Thanksgiving morning after getting into a fight with Halle’s fiance Olivier Martinez. According to TMZ.com, law enforcement sources say that Gabriel went to Halle’s house with their four-year-old daughter Nahla for a custodial hand-off. Gabriel was standing in the driveway when Olivier walked over to him and said “We have to move on” from the custody situation.

Witnesses say that Gabriel pushed Olivier and tried to punch him in the face, but ended up hitting his shoulder. Gabriel then pushed Olivier to the ground and Olivier then hit him in the face. The fight ended with Olivier pinning Gabriel to the ground.

Sources say that when Gabriel and Olivier started fighting, Halle rushed Nahla inside the house — so she missed the fight

  • Gabriel suffered a broken rib, contusions on his face and possibly, a serious head injury. Olivier may have broken his hand and suffered neck injuries. Some reports say that Gabriel may have been unconscious in the fight. The site also reported that Gabriel and Oliver were actually arguingin with each other in French.
  • The cops were called and Olivier made a citizens arreest for battery against Gabriel. Gabriel went to the ER — so did Olivier an hour later.
  • Gabriel was arrested for the fight and was investigated for misdeameanor battery. He was held on $20,000 bond in L.A. county jail. He was later released.


Law enforcement sources told the site that a judge has issued an emergency protective oerder — which requires Gabriel to stay 100 yards away from Halle, Olivier, and Nahla. He was ordered to stay at least 100 yards from them until December 3rd. He will go infront of a judge on December 13th.

  • Halle will reportedly go to court this week to get a restraining order against Gabriel for an indefinite period of time. Sources say that Halle feels that if Gabriel cant control himself enough to keep his child away from emotional trauma, it is too risky for him to be around her.

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