Celebrity Sleaze for Friday 12/28/12

by Gino on December 28, 2012

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KATHY GRIFFIN JOINS ANDERSON COOPER FOR NEW YEAR’S: Kathy Griffin will once again ring in 2013 by co-hosting the CNN New Year’s Eve broadcast with Anderson Cooper. This will be the sixth year in a row for the dynamic duo.

‘GENERAL HOSPITAL’ STAR JOINS ‘THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS’: Steve Burton who played hitman Jason Morgan on General Hospital will join The Young and the Restless for a major arc. Burton was on General Hospital for over two decades.

RUPERT MURDOCH’S SUNDAY TIMES SUES LANCE ARMSTRONG: London’s Sunday Times is suing Lance Armstrong for more than $1.6 million over a settlement they had reached back in 2006 when Armstrong sued the paper for saying he took performance-enhancing drugs. Now that it has been revealed that the cyclist had doped up his team, the Times wants money back.

‘THE HOBBIT’ PASSES HALF BILLION MARK: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey has passed the $500 million mark at the worldwide box office. It has made $179.7 million domestically.

CHRISTOPHER NOLAN SAYS SUPERMAN IS MORE CHALLENGING THAN BATMAN: Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan is giving praise to Zack Snyder for attempting to reboot the Superman franchise by admitting that it is a much more challenging job than Batman was. He also said Snyder is the perfect man to take on the task.

NEVE CAMPBELL REVEALS SON’S NAME ON ‘THE TALK’: Scream actress Neve Campbell appeared on The Talk telling the hosts about her family’s history of having unique names and how she wanted to continue the tradition when naming her son. She and husband JJ Feild decided to name the child Caspian and came to the final decision after meeting him for the first time.

EMMA STONE ADOPTS DOG WITH ANDREW GARFIELD: Spider-Man costars and off-screen couple Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield have adopted a dog together. They picked out their 2-year-old golden retriever from a high-kill shelter and named him Ren.

‘TWILIGHT’ ACTOR OFFICIALLY CHARGED WITH PUBLIC INTOXICATION: Bronson Pelletier, the Twilight actor who was arrested at LAX last week for public intoxication, has been charged and will be arraigned on January 7th. Pelletier faces a maximum of six months in jail.

MELISSA GORGA VISITS THE TROOPS: New Jersey Housewife Melissa Gorga spread holiday cheer by paying a visit to members of the military stationed at NEX Navy Base in Norfolk, VA. Gorga was working as a brand ambassador for Voli Light Vodka.

LETTERMAN ADDRESSES LENO RIVALRY TO OPRAH: David Letterman gave an interview to Oprah for the OWN network and she asked him about his rivalry with Jay Leno. He denied that the Tonight Show gig has anything to do with it but he did reveal that he thinks Leno is might be the most insecure person he has ever known.

Kate Winslet married her boyfriend Ned Rocknroll in a secret ceremony earlier in December. Winslet’s rep told The Hollywood Reporter that the ceremony was attended by the actress’ two children and a few friends.

Kate’s Titanic costar Leonardo DiCaprio walked her down the aisle. According the site, neither parents of the bride or groom were aware of the plans to elope.

  • This is Kate’s third marriage. She also married her ex, Sam Mendes, in a secret ceremony in 2009. Her first husband was Jim Threapleton whom she married in a church in Reading, England.
  • This is Ned’s second marriage.
  • Rocknroll is the nephew of Virgin Airlines founder Richard Branson. He had his name legally changed from Abel Smith to Ned Rocknroll. He currently works for the Virgin space program, Virgin Galactic.

Tina Fey gave a heartfelt and funny speech immediately following the filming of the final scene of the 30 Rock series finale on December 19th. Her words reportedly had many members of the cast and crew in tears as she spoke about working with them for the past seven years.

According to Vulture.com, Fey said that she considers herself to be a Sliding Doors version of Liz Lemon — that the only real difference between her and her character was that Liz worked with jerks, while she worked with a bunch of great people. Tina’s costar Jane Krakowski said at the wrap party, “I’ve never seen so many people gather for a final scene in my life. It was very touching and fitting to the affection that everyone has for her. Her speech was beautiful, heartfelt, and extremely funny. She just has it, you know?”

  • The one-hour finale of 30 Rock will air January 31st at 8 P.M ET on NBC.
  • Tina will also be co-hosting the Golden Globes with Amy Poehler on January 13th.

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