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by Gino on January 21, 2013

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3. Silver Linings Playbook

2. Zero Dark Thirty

1. Mama

BROOKE MUELLER IS NO LONGER ON PROBATION: Sources say the judge and prosecutor in Brooke’s cocaine possession case have ended her supervised probation ahead of time because she has obeyed all laws and conducted herself in a responsible manner. If she keeps up her good behavior the case could be erased from her record come May.

ANNE HATHAWAY APOLOGIZED TO CLAIRE DANES AFTER ‘SNL’ SKIT: Claire said that Anne gave her a heads up about the Homeland skit on Saturday Night Live which poked fun at her character Carrie Mathison’s infamous “cry face.” She told Elle magazine, “I’m friends with Anne, and she sent me a lot of texts beforehand that say, ‘Oh God, I hope we’ll be friends afterwards.’ And then she sent me a very large bouquet of flowers, so I’m assuming it was not the most flattering description.”

T.I. WANTS A $75 MILLION DOLLAR RECORD DEAL: According to TMZ, rapper T.I. — whose 10-year contract with Atlantic records expired a month ago — wants a $75 million dollar deal for three albums, including 10-20 percent of publishing, touring, merchandise, film and TV rights along with corporate endorsement deals and exclusive signing of all Grand Hustle artists. He has reportedly already had meetings with Sony and Jay-Z.

KRISTEN STEWART AND ROBERT PATTINSON ARE FORBES’ HIGHEST-EARNING ONSCREEN COUPLE: Forbes looked at domestic box office numbers over the last three years to rank the couples. Rob and Kristen ranked number one after bringing over a billion dollars for the Twilight franchise. At the number two spot? Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams, who co-star in The Vow together, with $125 million.

The Full List (For more info head to http://onforb.es/XJnw1I)

1. Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart (Twilight) – $1.17 Billion
2. Channing Tatum & Rachel McAdams (The Vow) – $125 Million
3. Jennifer Aniston & Adam Sandler (Just Go With It) – $103 Million
4. Jessica Parker & Chris Noth (both Sex and the City movies) – $95 Million
5. Julianne Moore & Steve Carell (Crazy Stupid Love) – $84 Million
6. Amanda Seyfried & Channing Tatum (Dear John) – $80 Million
7. Natalie Portman & Ashton Kutcher (No Strings Attached) – $71 Million
8. Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth (The Last Song) – $63 Million
9. Zac Effron & Taylor Schilling (The Lucky One) – $60 Million
10. Robert Pattinson & Reese Witherspoon (Water for Elephants) – $59 Million

The new Sex and the City prequel Carrie Diaries takes place in the 1980’s but the show’s creators opted to leave the world trade center out of shots of the New York City skyline. Executive producer Amy B. Harris explained the decision to The Hollywood Reporter.

Harris said it was a major discussion among the crew but ultimately it was a unanimous decision to leave out the towers. She explained, “I totally wouldn’t want it scratched out of movies and TV shows that [took place] before 9/11, but occasionally when I watch a sitcom that I love and the stock shots that come before the scenes has the twin towers, it gives me pause for a minute. If we had a choice, it felt like the more sensitive choice.”

  • Amy added that a similar discussion was had at HBO in 2001 after the September 11th tragedy.

Golden Girl Betty White is celebrating her 91st birthday this week (on January 17th) and the comedian received an interesting gift from one of her employers. Betty is a spokesperson for the Lifeline Program and the company adopted a red-tailed boa constrictor in her name as a present for the star.

People is reporting that the company adopted Jacob the boa constrictor from the Los Angeles Zoo where White has been a longtime supporter. She first met Jacob while filming a music video with singer Luciana in 2011 that benefitted the zoo. The Hot In Cleveland actress reacted to the gift saying, “Jacob the boa constrictor is good as gold and cuddles in my arms and around my neck.”

  • Betty wrote a letter to Huffington Post expressing her birthday wish for fans to donate to the Morris Animal Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to animal health science. She hopes to raise $10,000
  • NBC will be airing Betty White’s 2nd Annual 90th Birthday Special on Tuesday, February 5th featuring a plethora of stars young and old.

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