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by Gino on January 25, 2013

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How NoCo Looked In 1999

Couric Interviews Manti Te’o

Voicemails from a person that Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o says was pretending to be his online girlfriend were played during an interview he did with Katie Couric that aired on her syndicated show Thursday (January 24th). Three voicemails were played that Te’o said were left for him last year by someone he believed to be “Lennay Kekua,” a woman he fell for online, but never met in person, and who he says he thought had died in September of leukemia. exposed the hoax earlier this month, saying Kekua never existed. But Te’o has denied any involvement, saying he’d believed the whole story until he got a phone call on December 6th from the person he’d believed to be Kekua. Some had charged the Heisman Trophy runner-up might have been involved in the hoax for publicity.

Robber Has A Change Of Heart

A Montana man who headed into a pizza place with the intention to rob it, ended up changing his mind when the clerk started to give him money. Police said the man walked into a Papa John’s and handed the store employee a note demanding money. As the cashier started to hand him bills, the man broke down and cried, telling the cashier he was just trying to provide for his family. The clerk offered the man a pizza and chicken wings, which he took home. (ABC)

New App Shows How Booze Will Age You

A free app released by the Scottish government aims to cut down on excess drinking. It’s called Drinking Mirror, and is free. Brave users upload their picture and enter how many alcoholic drinks they have per week to see what their future face will look like. For those who enjoy too many cocktails the app shows a face that has aged less than gracefully and has redness, puffiness, and deep wrinkles. Dermatologist Michele Green says that alcohol is a toxin to the body, and causes the body to dehydrate and age prematurely. (Women’s Health)

Judge Bars Protester From Washington, D.C., Critics Say Unconstitutional

A judge on Tuesday (January 22nd) ordered a man who’s been repeatedly arrested for his protests, including on Inauguration Day Monday, to stay out of Washington, D.C., a ban that’s led critics from both sides of the political spectrum to say it’s unconstitutional. In his latest arrest, anti-abortion protester Rives Miller Grogan was taken into custody after he climbed a tree during President Obama’s inaugural address and incessantly shouted his message while the president was speaking. Police were unable to get him out of the tree, and had to wait until he finally climbed down five hours later to arrest him. Among his previous arrests, Grogan was taken into custody on January 16th for an outburst in the House chamber, and on January 2nd for one in the Senate chamber, when he shouted out that abortion was to blame for the Newtown massacre. In fact, his record in Washington, D.C., dates back to 2006, when he was charged for simple assault and using objectionable language in the Supreme Court building. Grogan also ran onto the field holding an “Abortion in Sin” sign during a playoff game last October between the Cincinnati Reds and the San Francisco Giants that Mitt Romney attended, and was dragged out of the balcony at an Obama campaign rally in Ohio last November when he yelled during the president’s speech. A fed-up D.C. superior court judge Karen Howze banned Grogan from entering the District of Columbia until a court hearing on February 25th, but he and other critics are saying that amounts to a violation of his right to free speech. It also went beyond what the U.S. attorney’s office had asked for, which was that Grogan be banned from the Capitol grounds, House and Senate office buildings, the Library of Congress and the Supreme Court.

‘N.Y. Post’ Accused of Sexism for Angry Hillary Clinton Cover

The New York Post was slammed with accusations of sexism Thursday (January 24th) for its cover showing a photo of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton angrily answering a question during her congressional testimony a day earlier while banging her fists on the table along with a headline that blared, “No Wonder Bill’s Afraid.” Underneath that it said, “Hillary explodes with rage at Benghazi hearing.” The cover also had a photo of an open–mouthed, wide-eyed Bill Clinton next to the words, “The lady has some temper!” The moment captured in the photo came when an exasperated Clinton answered after Republican Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin aggressively questioned her again about why U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice said on the Sunday talk shows five days after the deadly September attack on our consulate in Benghazi, Libya, that it was believed the assault arose out of a spontaneous protest over an anti-Islamic video. It was later found out that wasn’t true, that it was instead a planned action carried out by militants. The administration has repeatedly said that Rice was giving the best assessment of the intelligence community at the time, but the GOP has continued to suggest incorrect information was intentionally given out. In response to Johnson’s question, a heated Clinton said, “With all due respect, the fact is we had four dead Americans. Was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk that night who decided to go kill some Americans? What difference at this point does it make? It is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again, Senator.”


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