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by Gino on January 28, 2013

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It’s Bubblewrap Appreciation Day!!!

“Charlie’s Angels” star Farrah Fawcett appeared on the cover of the July 1997 issue of Playboy magazine wrapped in Bubble Wrap.

iPhone Cupholder??  Really???

Last week the Internet went bonkers for the UpperCupper, a special iPhone case with a cup holder attached. Turns out it was a prank product made to look real with a convincing photo.

It’s Better To Workout Before Breakfast

A new study says morning cardio is most effective when done while really hungry. Researchers (University of Northumbria) studied the effects of an empty stomach on exercise, and found that people who exercise on an empty stomach can burn 20 percent more body fat than those exercising after breakfast.

CD Of Silence Sells Out

A 12th century church in East Sussex, England that was trying to raise money for repairs, by selling a recording of silence in the church, was pleasantly surprised when the 30-minute CD sold out. Members at St. Peter’s said they felt the atmosphere in the church would appeal to a wider audience so they set up a recorder to capture the sounds of peaceful silence. A church member said, “So if you listen carefully you will hear some pews squeaking, footsteps and the distant hum of traffic going past outside. The people who have bought it say they have really enjoyed it.” The CD was sold at the church but members say they have received separate orders from as far away as Ghana and Austria. (Daily Mail)

Why Do We Wanna’ Squeeze Cute Things?

If you just want to squeeze your new puppy because it’s so cute there’s actually a psychological reason why you have tht urge. New research presented at Society for Personality and Social Psychology’s annual meeting finds that seeing something cute actually brings out aggression in us. For their research, scientists had about 100 people look at pictures of animals classified as cute, funny and neutral photos of fluffy puppies. The participants then rated how they felt about the pictures by agreeing with statements such as “I just can’t handle it!” Scientists found the cuter the animal the more aggressive the response was from participants. Study leader Rebecca Dyer of Yale University says, “We think it’s about high positive-affect, an approach orientation and almost a sense of lost control.” Dyer also suggested this happens because when we see something cute we want to take care of it, but that since we can’t reach through a photograph to cuddle it we get frustrated, and then aggressive. (PopSci)

Gambling on a Roll

After a dry period during the Great Recession, it looks like legalized gambling is back in a big way, and it’s spreading from coast to coast, USA Today reports. About 20 years ago, only 6 states permitted commercial casinos, as opposed to “tribal” casinos, which operate on Native American lands. Now, Hawaii and Utah are the only states in the U.S. where no legal gambling is available, either “commercial” or “tribal.” Many of these gambling spots are expanding beyond card tables and slot machines to draw in more people. They’re not just adding restaurants and night clubs. They’re opening movie theaters, sports arenas and golf courses.

Sarah Palin’s Next Move

We got word on Friday that Sarah Palin will no longer be a paid commentator on Fox News. She will not be renewing a contract with the network that paid her a reported $1 million a year since 2010. The one-time Alaska governor catapulted to fame and fortune after her selection as vice presidential running mate for Republican presidential candidate John McCain in 2008.

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