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by Gino on January 29, 2013

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New SNL Digital Short BLOWS UP!

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Hines Ward On The Walking Dead

Since retiring, Pittsburgh Steelers legend Hines Ward has kept busy as a studio analyst for NBC’s “Football Night in America”, he’s spent time on the food network, and he also has spent some time as a corpse risen from his grave.

Thanks to the connections of a college teammate who now acts on “The Walking Dead,” Ward will appear in a future episode of AMC’s hit show about zombies. He will be a zombie extra, and as the picture above shows, some magic was performed with his make up.

Knee Caps As  A Form Of Identification

A new study suggests that M-R-I knee scans could be used as an excellent form of identification. For the study, Dr. Lior Shamir with Lawrence Technological University, analyzed knee scans of about 2,700-people, and found that the scans accurately identifid about 93-percent of the test subjects. Shamir says the knee scans are not foolproof, but changing your knee caps is no small task, and requires an invasive and complicated medical procedure. Shamir says that because knee caps are so difficult to tamper with, it would make them a more spoof-resistant form of I-D than face, fingerprints, or iris. Shamir says current M-R-I technology would be too slow to handle crowds, so at this point the knee cap identificaion method is only visionary. (Huffington Post)

Computer Predicts The Superbowl

After running the upcoming 49ers versus Ravens matchup through 50,000 times, the 49ers won the simulation 66.9% of the time and scored an average of seven points more than Baltimore. (CBS)


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