Celebrity Sleaze for Tuesday 1/29/13

by Gino on January 29, 2013

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JODIE FOSTER SAYS PEOPLE DON’T GET CHILD STARS: Jodie Foster sat down with the New York Times and brought up how she feels that people don’t understand child stars. She said, “They think that they just throw them out there, and they’re cute and that’s what they do. But that’s a really layered, beautiful performance that comes from a completely instinctual place. It’s just God-given, you know?” Foster appeared in her first commercial at age three.

HULK HOGAN TWEETS CREEPY PHOTO OF HIS DAUGHTER: Hulk Hogan tweeted a photo of his daughter Brooke on Sunday (January 27th) that seemed a bit inappropriate coming from a girl’s father. The photo on its own would not have been so bad but Hulk included a caption encouraging his followers to scope out Brooke’s legs.

MICHAEL PHELPS HAS ROMANTIC VACATION WITH NEW GIRLFRIEND: Michael Phelps brought his new girlfriend Sarah Herndon on a romantic getaway to the Bahamas. The pair met while Sarah was on vacation with her family in Cabo St. Lucas not long after Phelps split from Megan Rossee in December.

JAMIE-LYNN SIGLER IS ENGAGED: Sopranos actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler is engaged to baseball player Cutter Dykstra. Sigler announced the news on Monday (January 28th) on her Instagram page.

JILLIAN MICHAELS SAYS FAMILY MADE HER FLUFFY: The Biggest Loser trainer Jillian Michaels told InTouch that having a family has made her body softer. She explained to the magazine, “I don’t have as much time now. I can’t do my 90-minute yoga sessions anymore, so now I cycle in the morning for 30 minutes.”

KRIS JENNER SCORES A TALK SHOW: Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner has scored her own daytime talk show. The show will feature celebrity guests, beauty and style trends and patented advice from Mama K.

NBC ORDERS PILOT FROM CHARLIZE THERON: The Charlize Theron-produced Hatfields & McCoys drama series has been given the green light from NBC. The show is set in present-day Pittsburgh and explores the feud between the rival families that gets reignited by a startling death.

CW STILL HAS HOPES FOR ‘WONDER WOMAN’ PREQUEL: The CW still has faith in the Wonder Woman prequel Amazon. The initial script for the pilot was sent back for rewrites and execs are waiting to see a final version before finalizing their fall schedule.

PAUL GIAMATTI BEING EYED FOR ‘AMAZING SPIDERMAN’ SEQUEL: Sideways actor Paul Giamatti is in talks to play The Rhino in the upcoming sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man. The Rhino wears a superhuman suit that makes him invulnerable in addition to superstrength and superspeed.

ALLISON JANNEY TO CO-STAR IN ANNA FARIS SITCOM: Allison Janney has joined the CBS sitcom Mom starring Anna Faris. Janney will play the mother of Anna’s character.

Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence may have won a SAG award but she almost lost her dress. The 22-year-old actress was already suffering from walking pneumonia when she suffered a wardrobe malfunction as she made her way to the stage to accept her award for Outstanding Female Actor In A Leading Role.

Upon hearing her Silver Linings Playbook co-star Robert DeNiro call her to the podium, Jennifer stood up and began to hug everyone around her. It looked as though her chair ended up on top of her Christian Dior dress which tore as she walked away from the table. The damage became apparent when Lawrence climbed the stairs to the stage and the material above her thigh slid down her leg.

  • The malfunction did not seem to faze the young star as she gave her acceptance speech in which she humbly thanked MTV for giving her the small role that earned her a SAG card at 14.
  • Some reports claim there was no malfunction and that the gown was designed that way with tiered material.

Though fans may be sad to see Tina Fey’s run on 30 Rock come to an end, all of her newfound free time seems to be well-spent. Fey teased the idea of turning her hit film Mean Girls into a musical while walking the red carpet at the SAG Awards.

Tina insisted that the idea is something that she wants and would love to do. She told E! News, “I’m trying to develop it with my husband, who does all the music for 30 Rock and I think Paramount’s onboard.” The former SNL head writer even joked that perhaps Mariah Carey could play the role of Regina George’s mother since the singer is such a huge fan of the movie.

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