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by Gino on January 31, 2013

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Click Here For Pics Of The WEIRD Sculpture

30 Rock Finale

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Salma Hayek and Ice-T guest star in tonight’s (8p ET, NBC) 30 Rock series finale.

America’s Top Dog Breed
The Labrador retriever keeps its 22-year reign as America’s top dog. The American Kennel Club’s annual ranking of most popular dog breeds shows Labradors in the lead, followed by the German Shepherd and the Golden Retriever.

Colorado Teacher In Hot Water Over Tweets
A 23-year-old 10th grade math teacher in Aurora, Colorado was placed on paid leave on Tuesday (January 29th) after she posted semi-nude photos of herself on Twitter and bragged about smoking marijuana. Overland High School teacher Carly McKinney was posting the info onto the Twitter account @Crunk_Bear, which she claims was just a joke account and that one of her friends had been posting jokes that she didn’t even know about. The account has been suspended but as we all know these things never disappear from the Internet. The photos she posted are still being passed around, including ones of her topless and smoking pot. A school district spokesperson said, “There are things that are troubling to us . . . However, what we need to do is to talk with her to review our district policy and then determine what our next step will be.” Check out some of her tweets below:

Clinic That Gave Vitamins Instead of the Pill Won’t Have to Pay to Raise Child

A state appeals court in Wisconsin ruled Wednesday (January 30th) that a clinic that mistakenly gave a woman pre-natal vitamins instead of birth control pills doesn’t have to pay to raise the child she unintentionally conceived. However, the court said the clinic can be sued for other financial damages, such as pain and suffering during and after the pregnancy, loss of future earning capacity and postpartum depression. The appeals court cited a previous Wisconsin case in saying that a parent must have undergone an unsuccessful sterilization before a claim can be made for costs of raising a child from an unwanted pregnancy. The court said claims of temporary contraception failing or getting wrong pills are too open to potential fraud of parents try to collect huge awards.

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