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by Gino on February 1, 2013

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Superbowl Movie Commercials

Super Bowl Sunday is fast approaching and that means new movie trailers. Word is there will be six this year: our first look at Fast and Furious 6, new ones for Star Trek Into Darkness and World War Z, and three from Disney: Iron Man 3, The Lone Ranger, and Oz The Great And Powerful.

Beyonce Ends Lip-Syncing Controversy

In New Orleans, Beyonce opened Thursday’s press conference about the Super Bowl halftime show with a performance of the national anthem and finished by asking, “Any questions?” Despite the a cappella opening, media asked Beyonce to answer whether any sound came out of her mouth during her inauguration performance earlier this month. “Typically, they have you sing a pre-recorded track, so I did sing along with the pre-recorded track,” she said, noting that she didn’t have time to practice with the U.S. Marine Band.

The Japanese Love The Snaggletoothed

According to a Japanese lifestyle site, “snaggletooth” or “yaeba” has become a craze in recent years because it makes women look endearing and attractive. Women are seeking out the look by having temporary or artificial pieces glued to their teeth. The director at one dental clinic explained, “‘Yaeba’ gives girls an impish cuteness. It’s a sense of beauty unique to the Japanese, but ‘yaeba’ can be an attractive feature on women in their teens and twenties.” (

Alcoholism Vaccine On The Way
Researchers at the University of Chile are set to begin preclinical trials this month for the world’s first alcoholism vaccine. Dr. Juan Asenjo is the director of the university’s Institute for Cell Dynamics and Biotechnology and says “If it works, it’s going to have a worldwide impact, but…one has to test it carefully. I think the chances that this one will work are quite high.” Asenjo explains that the vaccine would work by telling the liver to not express the genes that metabolize alcohol which would result in an instant hangover from just one sip of alcohol. Researchers say human trials are set for November. (Huffington Post)

Is It a Good Idea to Let Employees Know What Their Co-Workers are Paid?

The Wall Street Journal reports on a trend among a small but growing number of companies of letting employees know information that’s usually kept secret, including company financials, staff performance reviews and even what everyone is paid. The idea of the approach, which is mostly found in startups, is that it builds trust among workers and makes employees more aware of how their contribution affects the company as a whole. Dane Atkinson, the chief executive of New York data-analytics company SumAll, told the Journal that he and his co-founders believe that people work more efficiently when freed of doubts about salary and better understand their individual contribution to the whole group. On the negative side, however, the Journal cited company executives who said that since workers can see this kind of information that they normally don’t, they may weigh in on decisions, which can slow things down. As for the open salary information, CEO Slava Akhmechet of California database firm RethinkDB had a cautionary tale. He told the Journal he experimented with it, but found that potential recruits saw the open salary information as a starting point and bargained for higher pay. He also said that he wound up not being able to hire a highly sought-after applicant without raising everyone else’s salaries or getting them to agree to exceptions to the salary structure. The company eventually dropped the open salary policy.

Waitress Fired After Posting Receipt Online with Tip Complaint from Pastor

A St. Louis-area Applebee’s waitress was fired on Wednesday (January 30th) after she posted a receipt online that had a note from a patron, who turned out to be a pastor, complaining about the automatic 18 percent tip that was added to the bill. The pastor, Alois Bell, found out about it and complained to waitress Chelsea Welch’s manager, who fired her. Bell’s restaurant bill had the tip automatically added because there were more than eight people in her party. She scratched out the automatic tip and put in a “0” where any additional tip would go, writing, “I give God 10%. Why do you get 18?” Welch took a photo of the bill from a fellow server and posted it on the website Reddit. She told, “I think the note was insulting, but also comical. And I thought other users would find it entertaining.” But Bell got wind of it and complained, saying it had ruined her reputation. She told The Smoking Gun website, “[It was] a lapse in my character and judgment. . . . I’ve brought embarrassment to my church and ministry.” Applebee’s said it apologized to Bell for violating her right to privacy. But Welch told Yahoo! News, “I had no intention of starting a witch hunt or hurting anyone. I just wanted to share a picture I found interesting.” She also doesn’t buy that Bell’s embarrassed, saying, “If this person wrote the note, obviously they wanted it seen by someone.”

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