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by Gino on February 4, 2013

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Oreo Takes Advantage Of Power Outtage

The power outage at the Super Bowl sent almost everyone on Twitter into a frenzy with jokes commenting on everything from the sideline commentator who had to carry the broadcast to the outage being a sign that the villain, Bane, in The Dark Knight Rises was likely to show up at any moment. In our opinion, the best tweet of the Super Bowl blackout of 2013 goes to Oreo for this gem, which they posted shortly after the power went out:


Audi — Driving his family Audi, makes a dateless teen brave when he gets to his prom.  Click Here To Watch

Got Milk?Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson needs to get milk, and nothing will stop him from doing so, not rescuing a cat in a tree, stopping bank robbers, protecting people from wild animals, or fighting an alien invasion.   Click Here To Watch

Taco Bell — An old man sneaks out of retirement home and meets up with other seniors on the prowl who get into mischief, including skinny dipping, going clubbing, getting tattoos — and eating Taco Bell.  Click Here To Watch

*Volkswagen — One of the ads that got a lot of attention — and some criticism — when it was released ahead of the Super Bowl, shows a midwestern guy who’s so happy about life that he speaks with a laid-back Jamaican accent and encourages everyone around him to believe everything’s gonna be alright. Click Here To Watch

Chrysler Jeep — Saluted members of the military serving overseas and their families, showing the servicemembers coming home, with narration by Oprah WinfreyClick here To Watch

Blackberry — The ad for Blackberry’s new Z10 says it’s easier to show what it can’t do, which includes setting a man on fire, giving him elephant legs, poofing him away in a cloud of colorful smoke, and turning an oil tanker bearing down on him into lots and lots of rubber duckies

Axe Apollo — Axe Apollo deodorant says nothing beats an astronaut, so it shows a lady in a bikini running to an astronaut and away from the hot guy who just saved her from a shark. In that vein, Axe is letting people register on their website to try to win a sub-orbital spaceflight.

Skechers — A man’s Skechers make him so fast that he brings down a cheetah, tying his four limbs in a knot, to save a gazelle. Afterward, he throws the gazelle and wink, and the two share a hand pound.

*Wonderful Pistachios — South Korean pop singer Psy reworks his mega-hit “Gangnam Style,” singing “Crackin’ gangnam style” and doing the song’s signature movies with dancing pistachios while wearing his green jacket  Click here To Watch

*Speed Stick — An impatient guy in a laundromat starts pulling out a finished load of clothes from the dryer, only to get caught by the woman they belong to while holding her yellow panties. Trying not to look like a pervert, he says he was just trying to help her out, and when she tells him that’s so sweet, he answers, “I’ll fold your panties anytime.”

Budweiser — The heartwarming ad shows a man who breeds and raises a Clydesdale horse, and then watches it leave to become one of the famous Bud Clydesdales. Then, three years later, at a Chicago parade, the man shows up to watch and the horse remembers him, breaking away and running after him for a tear-jerking reunion.  Click Here To Watch

Chrysler Ram Trucks — Over photos of the nation’s farmers, the features a radio commentary by the late Paul Harvey praising the virtues of American farmers as God-created blessings.  Click Here To Watch

*Kia Sorrento – When a young boy asks his father where babies come from, the dad tells him a story about a planet called “Babylandia,” from where babies are launched into space for a nine-month journey to Earth.  Click Here To Watch

*Tide — A salsa “miracle stain” appears on a rabid San Francisco 49ers fan’s jersey in the shape of 49ers quarterback great Joe Montana. This brings him fame, fortune and acclaim, until he comes home one day and finds his wife has washed the jersey. As he walks away muttering in disbelief, she looks at the camera and goes, “Go Ravens.”

Samsung — In this two-minute ad, actors Seth Rogan and Paul Rudd get called in for a “Next Big Thing” ad for Samsung, but they get upset when they realize they’re both up for it and sharing the spotlight. In the end though, Miami Heat star LeBron James, who does a cameo on a computer tablet, gets the gig.

Making Football Safer

Less than two hours before the Super Bowl began, President Barack Obama was seen on television saying that the game may “evolve a little bit” to make it safer for the players. In a CBS News 60 Minutes interview, he said: “For those of us who like to see a big hit and enjoy the rock ’em, sock ’em elements of the game, we’re probably going to be occasionally frustrated. We want to make sure that after people have played the game, that they’re going to be okay.” His comments came during renewed concerns about long-term brain damage suffered by some players.

Schools to be Declared Cheez Doodle-Free Zone

The federal government is proposing broad new standards that will ban high-calorie, super sugary and greasy foods from the nation’s schools. They will be replaced in lunch rooms and vending machines with products like baked chips, trail mix and lower-fat hamburgers. Snacks would have to be under 200 calories. The rules are part of the government’s effort to fight childhood obesity.

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