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by Gino on February 12, 2013

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EAS System Hacked…  Warns of Zombie Attack

A Montana television station’s regular programming was interrupted by news of a zombie apocalypse.  The Montana Television Network says hackers broke into the Emergency Alert System of Great Falls affiliate KRTV and its CW station Monday.  KRTV says on its website the hackers broadcast that “dead bodies are rising from their graves” in several Montana counties.
The network says there is no emergency and its engineers are investigating.
A call to KRTV was referred to a Montana Television Network executive in Bozeman. Jon Saunders didn’t immediately return a call for comment.

Would You Ditch Your Morning Coffee for a Mountain Dew Breakfast Drink?

Pepsi is launching a new Mountain Dew breakfast drink that will offer an alternative to the usual morning coffee or tea. Called Kickstart, the caffeinated, carbonated drink has the flavor of Mountain Dew with five percent fruit juice and vitamins B and C, and comes in the flavors “energizing orange citrus” and “energizing fruit punch.” But while saying their drink has, quote, “the right amount of kick,” Pepsi insists Kickstart isn’t classified as an energy drink, because it has less caffeine than beverages like Red Bull or Monster, which have drawn scrutiny because of reports of ill effects and even deaths linked to them. Kickstart also contains artificial sweeteners to reduce its calorie content to about half that of regular soda.

British Woman Loses $40K After Steadily Putting Money Into Wrong Account

A British mother of two has lost some $40,000 after steadily transferring money into a wrong account for more than two years before realizing what she’d done, money that the recipient of the unexpected windfall has refused to return. The Guardian reports that the woman realized in October 2012 that each time since June 2010 that she’d transferred her monthly paycheck of $1,500 from her account to a joint one she shares with her husband, it had gone into the wrong account because she’d been off by one digit when she’d set up the bill payment schedule. She explained that they’d switched to paperless statements in 2010, and while she’d been checking to see that the money left her account every month, she didn’t make sure it had gone into the joint account. The woman has only succeeded in getting some $1,500 back, since the recipient has refused to return the money, and the bank can’t reveal his or her identity due to data protection rules. Under British law, money that mistakenly goes into a person’s account can be withdrawn without permission for up to six years. But in this case, the recipient had already withdrawn the money from ATMs, so it can’t be retrieved.

Brain Scan Can Reveal Whether Or Not You’ll Stay With Your Significant Other

Researchers say a brain scan could show if new couples will stay together for the long term. To find this, scientists recruited volunteers who believed they were passionately in love, and showed them photographs of their partner. The volunteers were then asked to think of memories of their partner while their brains were scanned. Researchers found that volunteers whose brains showed more activity in the area that reacts emotionally to visual beauty were more likely to be with their partner for at least three years. Scientists say of the 12 participants studied, half of them remained with their partner at the end of a three-year period after the study. One researcher says, “The brain regions involved suggest that reward functions may be predictive for relationship stability.” (Daily Mail)

2 Legged Cat Recovers

A woman in Surrey, England who spent more than $4,000 on operations to save her cat after he was hit by a car 10 years ago has spent another $5,000 to save him once again. Following the car accident the cat, Caffrey, had to have his left hind-leg amputated. Four months ago, Sue Graves found out Caffrey had a growth on his left front leg and would have to have it amputated as well, leaving him with just two legs. Doctors said the cat would be unable to walk after the $5,000 operation but Sue said she couldn’t stand the thought of putting her cat down. Surprisingly, two months after the surgery, Caffrey is getting along just fine and has been able to get around on his own. (Daily Mail)

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