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by Gino on February 20, 2013

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Grey Poupon Reviving Classic ‘Pardon Me’ Ad for the Oscars Award Show

Grey Poupon is reviving its classic “Pardon Me” TV commercial and expanding on it in a spot that will air just once, during the Oscars award show this Sunday (February 24th). In the original Grey Poupon ad, which debuted in 1981 with variations on it run through 1997, a Rolls Royce pulls up at a stop alongside an English gentleman in another chauffeured Rolls Royce. The back window rolls down and another English man asks stuffily, “Pardon me, would you have any Grey Poupon?” The first man answers, “But of course,” and hands him the jar out the window. The new version, however, continues the scene with the second car speeding off without returning the mustard, leading to a wild car chase. Kraft Foods, which owns Grey Poupon, came up with the campaign idea amid sagging sales of the mustard. After it airs during the Oscars — at a cost of $1.7 million — the ad will be available online.

New Online Scam

A new type of scam is popping up on the internet, and it’s much more invasive than an e-mail telling you a foreign millionaire wants to wire you some cash. Police in Singapore, China are reporting a ring of online scam artists who use attractive women to “friend” victims on social media websites and then seduce them into cybersex on webcam. The scammer then takes naked pictures of the victim and threatens to post the images of the victim online if the do not pay the scammer. Police say 50-cases of this scamming occurred in 2012, and suggest not accepting friend-requests from strangers on social media sites. (CNN)

Music Lessons May Boost Brain Power

New research finds those violin lessons your parents pushed on you at age six might have benefitted you significantly. The study, published in the Journal of Neuroscience, found that children who were trained in music before age seven tended to have more white matter in the part of the brain responsible for connecting the motor-regions of the left and right sides of the brain. For the study, scientists took 36-musicians and divided them into two groups – those who were trained before age seven and those trained after age seven. The musicans were given a questionaire designed to learn about their music education and practice. The musicians then had their timing and sychroniszation abilities tested. Researchers found early-music-learners had more accurate timing in the experiment. One researcher says, “While starting [musical instruction] early may help you express your genius, it probably won’t make you a genius.” (Huffington Post)

Fresh Dr. Drew Criticism After Mindy McCready Becomes Fifth ‘Celebrity Rehab’ Alum to Die

Dr. Drew Pinsky is facing fresh criticism after 37-year-old country singer Mindy McCready committed suicide on Sunday (February 17th), making her the fifth cast member from his Celebrity Rehab TV series to die out of the 43 who appeared over several seasons. After McCready’s death, singer Richard Marx compared Pinsky to late “suicide doctor” Jack Kevorkian, tweeting, “Same results.” Marx later backed off that comment, saying it went too far, but wrote, “It is, however, my opinion that what Dr. D does is exploitation and his TV track record is not good.” Pinsky has been defending himself, saying on Access Hollywood Tuesday (February 19th) that the goal of his show is to reduce the stigma of mental illness and addiction, and stating, “If a show was about cancer and people died, would you be surprised?” And in a phone interview yesterday on The View, Pinsky said that he’d heard from other former cast members since McCready’s death offering him their support, saying, “I’ve received yesterday about 10 emails and texts from those that are doing well that are so grateful and wanted to reassure me.” Celebrity Rehab isn’t currently on the air. For the sixth season last fall, Pinsky switched to non-celebrities, changing the title of the show to just Rehab.

  • The other cast members who’ve died were: former Alice in Chains bassist Mike Starr and MTV’s Real World alum Joey Kovar, both of whom overdosed; Los Angeles riots catalyst Rodney King, who was found dead in his swimming pool with alcohol and marijuana in his system; and Taxi and Grease actor Jeff Conaway, who initially was thought to have overdosed, but was found to have died of pneumonia and an infection.

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