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by Gino on March 29, 2013

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Study: Adults Text While Driving More Than Teens Do

While many people might think it’s teenagers who are most guilty of texting while driving, USA Today reports that a new study from AT&T found that it’s actually adults who text more behind the wheel than teen drivers do. Nearly half of all adults surveyed for the study admitted to texting while driving — even though 98 percent said they know it’s dangerous — while a lower 43 percent of teens said they do it. AT&T carried out the survey for its It Can Wait campaign, which seeks to educate drivers about the risks of distracted driving. As part of it, they’ve launched a free app that sends an automated, customizable reply to incoming texts when the vehicle is moving at 25 miles per hour or more. Texting while driving is illegal in 39 states and Washington, D.C.

Underwater Camera Lost Six Years Ago Turns Up Thousands Of Miles Away

A woman who lost her camera while on vacation in Hawaii six years ago said that someone found it washed up on a beach in Taiwan. Lindsay Scallan lost the camera during a nighttime scuba dive and completely forgot about it until someone sent her a Facebook message last weekend. She said, “I get this random message on Facebook from a guy I went to high school with, saying his wife found an article and he thought it was about me and my camera. An employee of China Airlines found my camera, found the pictures still on the memory card and got in touch with Hawaiian officials to see if they could help find who the owner was, the mystery blond woman as they called it.” Now Scallan is headed to east to get her camera back. She said, “China Airlines has offered to pay for me to go out there and my room, board and my food and everything. An all expenses paid trip to come out there and get my camera back and meet the guy that found it. It’s been a wild ride.” (UPI)

Seven Things You Didn’t Know About Peeps

1) Just Born, the company that makes Peeps, is family-owned and operated. The founder, Sam Born, was a Russian immigrant and a candy-maker by trade, and opened up shop in Brooklyn, New York in 1923 where he sold candy and fudge.
2) Born was a candy innovator. Born is credited with creating the machine that puts sticks into hard candy (producing lollipops) and also created “jimmies,” the chocolate sprinkles served with ice cream.
3) Peeps have a biblical hometown. Or at least a city named as one – Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. In 1932, in the height of the Great Depression, Just Born took over a vacant facility in Bethlehem that had formerly printed the Saturday Evening Post. The company is still there today.
4) The original peeps took 27-hours to make. In 1952, Bob Born discovered women making marshmallow peeps by hand using pastry tubes– but each one took 27 hours to make from scratch. Born then created a machine that could make a treat in six minutes.
5) Just Born also manufactures Hot Tamales and Mike and Ike candies.
6) Peeps used to have wings! Just Born says the wings become problematic to make, and were clipped in the 1950s. Consumers apparently didn’t care.
7) You can get Peeps year-round. Just Born is now making Peep varities for Christmas, Halloween and Valentine’s Day. A company represenative says to expect summertime flavors like bubblegum and lemonade to pop up once the weather warms up.

Easter Candy Calories

Here comes Peter Cottontail“hoppin’ down the bunny trail, hippity-hoppity Easters on it’s way!” Kids of all ages look forward to the Easter Bunny bringing all the yummy candy and most honest parents will admit that they help themselves to all kinds of Easter goodies too! It is nearly impossible to totally bypass all of the temptations when it comes to Easter candy.  But these sweet treats come with big time calories too… before you indulge check out this Easter candy ‘calorie counter’…..

Easter candy calorie counter:

2 Dark Chocolate Covered Peeps: 110 calories

4 Peeps: 128 calories

35 Jelly Belly jelly beans: 140 calories

3 Tbsp of M&M’s Chocolate Candies Bunny Mix, Peanut: 154 calories

3 Lindt Mini Dark Chocolate Gold Bunnies: 150 calories

Half of a 3.5 oz Lindt Dark Chocolate Bunny (regular size): 135 calories

3 Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups Miniatures Pastels: 132 calories

1 Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg: 180 calories

10 Cadbury Mini Eggs: 158 calories

1 Cadbury Creme Egg: 150 calories

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