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by Gino on April 1, 2013

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Great Job In Helsinki

Hotel Finn in Helsinki, Finland, is seeking a professional sleeper to test the comfort of their rooms and blog about it. The hotel is looking for a “dynamic person to write a quality blog” about their experience living in the “best spot of summery Helsinki.” Being able to doze off is not the only job requirement. You must be fluent in Finnish and English to apply. Knowledge of Russian is an advantage. About 600 people have applied for the sleeper position so far.

Peter Cottontail
The cottontail rabbit famed in song and children’s literature is having a tough time surviving in the modern world. NBC News reports that 80 percent of the grassy New England habitat that nurtured the bunnies has disappeared. State and federal agencies and wildlife preservation groups have gotten together to work on restoring patches of the young trees, shrubs and brush in which the cottontail thrives. Children’s author Thornton Burgess created the character Peter Cottontail in the 19th century. In the 1950s, cowboy singer Gene Autry had a big hit with the song Here Comes Peter Cottontail.

Goodbye YouTube
YouTube has posted an April Fool’s Day video announcing that the eight-year-old site is shutting down for ten years. Before it deletes all those millions of hours of video, YouTube has lined up 30,000 judges to select a “winning” video, which will be announced when the website goes back online in 2023.

Google Maps Prank

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