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by Gino on April 5, 2013

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Facebook Home???

Facebook on Thursday (April 4th) announced a new product called Facebook Home, which CEO Mark Zuckerberg described as a, quote, “family of apps,” that replaces your Android smartphone’s standard homescreen with Facebook content. The home screen has been replaced with what’s called the “Cover Feed,” showing images and posts from friends as the new screen’s background. Users can look through them and interact by doing things such as “liking” an update or posting a comment without having to open a specific Facebook app. Another main feature is called “Chat Heads,” which combines Facebook Messenger with the phone’s regular text-messaging tool, so that messages pop up no matter what the user is doing at the time, along with the sender’s profile picture in a small circle. The user can then decide whether to open the message without having to leave whatever screen they’re on, dismiss it, or save it for later with just one touch. Home will be available on April 12th for at least some Android phones, and a special version will come pre-installed on the new HTC First phone on AT&T.

Denny’s Weddings Chapel

The Denny’s in Las Vegas has opened a wedding chapel that offers ceremony space, champagne and a Pancake Puppies cake as part of a $95 wedding booking. Parties that book the restaurant will also receive 20% off their total food bills. An Iowa couple was married there on Wednesday (April 3rd) after Denny’s selected them from a pool of couples trying to win the honor of being first to wed in the new chapel. 53-year-old Nancy Levandowski and 54-year-old Steve Keller were married on chapel’s first official day of business. (Gawker)

Changes In The Meat Department

The National Pork Board and the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association have received approval from the USDA to update the various names of meats in order to make selecting cuts less confusing. Most retailers currently use the Uniform Retail Meat Identification Standards system to label carious cuts but the new system will change things up a bit. For instance, the “boneless shoulder top blade steak” will now be known as a “flatiron steak” under the new guidelines. Some cuts of pork chops will soon be known as “New York chops”, “ribeye chops” or “T-bone chops”. Some names will not change. For instance, ground beef will continue to be called as such. (USA Today)

New Shots Will Kill Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth may soon be a problem of the past, as scientists have discovered that some children who got shots of anesthetic for dental work sometimes never grow lower wisdom teeth. To find this, researchers examined dental records of 220 patients who originally received treatment between the ages of two and six. Of them 63-percent had been given an injection of lidocaine or other anesthesia. X-rays show that nearly eight-percent of kids who had received injections lacked evidence of wisdom tooth buds, that’s compared to just two-percent of children who did not receive shots. Researchers stress that much more research is needed before this could ever be used as a method to prevent the growth of wisdom teeth. (NBC)

Lance Armstrong Forced to Drop Out of Swimming Competition

Lance Armstrong may have finally come clean about his doping, but the “death sentence” barring him from competition remains in effect. Armstrong was forced yesterday (April 4th) to drop out of a swimming competition this weekend, the Masters South Central Zone Championships at the University of Texas, after swimming’s international federation (FINA) objected to his participation. Armstrong had entered three distance events and was cleared by U.S. Masters Swimming officials to compete. But after media reports came out Wednesday saying Armstrong would be competing, FINA told U.S. Masters Swimming that because it falls under their umbrella as a sanctioning body, it must bar Armstrong from competition. Armstrong has been banned for life from sanctioned Olympic sport competition by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency because of his extensive doping during his cycling career. Armstrong had been pursuing a post-cycling career in triathlons before he was banned by USADA.

Fast Food Workers Go On Strike in New York City

Hundreds of fast food workers went on strike yesterday in New York City, protesting outside the restaurants to demand higher wages. The protesters want fast food establishments to pay $15 per hour, almost double the current New York average of $8.25, which is just one dollar over the minimum wage of $7.25. The strike was organized by a coalition of unions and community groups following a similar job action last November. AFL-CIO national president Richard Trumka, who stopped by one of the protests, said fast food workers deserve union representation, saying, “They’re being mistreated, they’re being underpaid, they’re going to stand together until they get fair treatment and we’re going to stand with them.”

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