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by Gino on April 8, 2013

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Roger Ebert Tweeted A LOT!

He sent over 31,000 tweets in his time using the service.  That means, assuming he joined shortly after Twitter went online, he sent approximately 100 tweets a week!

Milk Vodka?  Really?

A farmer in England has created a new kind of vodka that is made entirely from cow milk. According to Black Cow’s website, the liquor is the first pure milk vodka made entirely from grass grazed cows. Jason Barber, the dairy farmer responsible for the drink, spent three years working on the vodka after being inspired by a documentary about Siberians using yak milk to make vodka. According to a Daily Mail writer, the vodka is “one of the most remarkable things” he’s tasted. Daniel Craig and Liz Hurley are reportedly big fans of Black Cow.  For more check out

Rays Apologize for Photo Of Croc Hunter

The Tampa Bay Rays Major League Baseball team has apologized after a photo was posted online showing the club mascot holding a sign about the late Steve Irwin, the TV personality and wildlife expert known as the Crocodile Hunter who died in 2006 after being attacked by a stingray. The mascot, known as Raymond, was handed a “Rays To Do List” by a fan during last Wednesday’s (April 3rd) game and it had “1. Steve Irwin” crossed off and listed the World Series second. The Rays said in the apology that the sign was inappropriate, and that it was a lapse in judgment for the mascot to hold it up.

Need Mourners For Your Funeral?

Rent-A-Mourner is exactly what it sounds like– a company that allows one to pay professional grievers to show up at a loved one’s funeral. The U.K.-based business charges 68-dollars per mourner, who are described as “professional, polite, well dressed individuals.” Each moruner is promised to cry and appear sad over the passing of whoever occupies the casket for about two hours. Before the funeral, the actors are briefed about the life of the deceased, which Rent-A-Mourner claims allows them to fit right in with other funeral-goers. The company website says they are usually invited to increase visitors to funerals where there may be a low turnout expected. (Time)

International Pillow Fight Day Was Saturday

Here’s video from NYC…

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