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by Gino on April 22, 2013

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Ryan Lochte…  Not A Wordsmith…

Gold medalist Ryan Lochte should be glad he didn’t need to take an I.Q. test to qualify for the Olympics. He made an appearance on Good Day Philly on Friday (April 19th) to promote his new reality show What Would Ryan Lochte Do? and the anchors couldn’t help but laugh at his less-than-intelligent responses to their questions.

When hosts Mike Jerrick and Sheinelle Jones asked him what someone could say to him to grab his attention, Ryan drew a complete blank and had no answer. At one point he begins to describe his bathroom while talking about being folloedw by a camera crew. He also revealed, “My philosophy is that if you are a man at night, you have to be a man in the morning.”

  • Following the interview, the anchors could not keep a straight face and Jerrick even said, “How are they going to get enough material? Seriously, how are they going to put together 13 weeks of programming.” Jones continued to crack up for several minutes before acknowledging that at least he is attractive to look at.

Vibrating Underwear?

Durex plans to release vibrating underwear, that can be controlled with an app, for couples who are looking for a way to get intimate when they’re apart. The company announced Fundawear with a YouTube video that has already racked up more than two million views in just four days. While the product isn’t available yet, the video shows how the underwear and the app work together to allow someone to stimulate their partner remotely. (Refinery29)

More Of Us Getting Too Much Sleep

According to a new study, the percentage of adults who get more than nine hours of sleep is on the rise while the percentage of people who get less than six hours of sleep per night has decreased. Researchers say that sleeping more than nine hours per night can lead to an increased risk of heart disease, thinking problems and premature death. However, the researchers pointed out that people involved in the study might have recorded how much time they spent in bed and actually sleeping, thus it is not clear if longer sleep is responsible for poor health or if it is a sign of other problems such as depression of little physical activity. (


1. Drink water instead of sports drinks.
2. Cut out unhealthy food.
3. Eat a pre-workout meal.
4. Research your herbs.
5. Use herbs and spices to add flavor.
6. Switch up your diet routine.
7. Get your daily intake of fruits and vegetables.
8. Take advantage of post-workout shakes.
9. It’s okay to eat red meat.
10. Eat more fruit.

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