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by Gino on April 24, 2013

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Ever Wonder It’s Like To Brush Your Teeth In Space?  Chris Hadfield has the answer…

What about wringing out a washclothe….

Number 1 Way NOT To Impress Your Date?  Steal Her Car!!!

A 21-year-old woman who was on a first date with 19-year-old Donald Bernard McGee Jr. near Boynton Beach, Florida said the teen stole her car at the end of the date. Nemeha Millen told police she agreed to go out with McGee after he started sending her text messages. She told reporters that, at about 10 p.m., McGee pointed a gun at her face and took her car. She said, “I grabbed my purse and then he fought me for my purse with a gun. He pointed it at my face.” Police got into a car chase with McGee on I-95 and when he lost control of the vehicle they were able to take him in and charge him with armed carjacking, robbery with a firearm and possession of marijuana. (GAWKER)

Marijuana Pill Way More Effective Thank Smoking It

According to new research done by Columbia University, taking a marijuana pill is more effective at relieving pain than smoking the drug and has fewer side effects. The drug, which is commonly used by patients suffering from cancer, multiple sclerosis and other conditions, was given in the form of a pill called dronabinol which contains THC. THC helps to block signals from nerve endings reaching the brain, inhibiting pain. Others participating the study were given a placebo or were asked to smoke marijuana. Results showed that participants smoking marijuana or taking the pill were able to withstand pain for longer, but those who took the pill could endure pain for even longer than those who had smoked. Those who took the pill also reported that the effects were less pleasurable suggesting that the pill has a lower potential for abuse. (

YouTube Cinnamon Stunt Dangerous

U.S researchers are saying that the YouTube stunt many teens pull could cause long term damage to their lungs. The stunt involves people swallowing a tablespoon of dry cinnamon then gag and spit it out. The cinnamon challange resulted in more than 50,000 YouTube clips and medical treatment, including ventilator support for some who had collapsed lungs. Dr. Steven Lipshultz of the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine published a paper in which he stares that pulling the stunt might result in “long lasting lesions, scarring and inflammation of the airway.” (

Minnesota School District Gets Bulletproof Whiteboards

The Newtown school massacre rattled a lot of parents and schools, and some people are coming up with creative ways to try to keep students and teachers safe. One of them was unveiled yesterday (April 23rd) in Minnesota, where the Rocori school district has bought nearly 200 bulletproof whiteboards, which can be used by teachers for instruction as well as shields in case of an emergency. The 18-by-20-inch whiteboards were created by the Maryland-based company Hardwire, which has been working on armor protection devices for military vehicles and personnel for years. After the Newtown attack, the company started working on school security and came up with the whiteboards, which have already been bought by schools in North Dakota, Maryland, Pennsylvania and California, as well as the Minnesota school district.

AP’s Twitter Feed Hacked, Says Obama Hurt in White House Explosions

The Associated Press was the victim of hackers yesterday (April 23rd), when its Twitter feed was compromised shortly after 1 p.m. ET and sent out the bogus message: “Breaking: Two explosions in the White House and Barack Obama is injured.” The message was quickly deleted and the Twitter feed taken offline, while AP sent out messages on its other feeds saying the tweet was false. Soon after, White House press secretary Jay Carney also assured reporters, saying, “The president is fine. I was just with him.” Those reassurances didn’t come fast enough, however, to stop a momentary stock market plunge, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average suddenly dropping more than 100 points after the initial fake tweet before recovering about 10 minutes later. CBS News’ Twitter attack was also hacked two days earlier, and a group called the Syrian Electronic Army, which supports Syria’s embattled President Bashar al-Assad, has claimed responsibility for both, as it has for other recent media hackings.

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