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by Gino on April 25, 2013

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People’s Most Beautifule Issue

Iron Man 3 star Gwyneth Paltrow landed the top spot on People Magazine’s Annual Most Beautiful Women In The World list. The 40-year-old told the magazine that she thought someone was playing a joke on her when she first received word of being featured on the cover of the 2013 issue.

She discussed the idea of beauty with the magazine saying, “I feel my most beautiful when I am truly myself. Meaning when I accept exactly where I am in time and space and I’m not judging myself in any way. And I feel that I have the peace that comes with loving yourself and all of your flaws.”

  • Fellow member of the over 40 club, Portia de Rossi, also made the list. She offered her own take on the topic of beauty saying, “As women we’re so conditioned to think that beauty and age area very important that you stay kind of youthful in order to be beautiful. I don’t think it’s fair for people to think that women are just vain because they’re worried about getting older. It’s actually really linked in with a lot of very primitive stuff for women.”
  • Other gorgeous girls who made the list include Kerry Washington, Amanda Seyfried, Jennifer Lawrence, Jane Fonda, and Kelly Rowland.
  • The issue will hit newsstands on Friday (April 26th.)

JON HAMM TO HOST ESPY AWARDS: Jon Hamm announced on Wednesday’s (April 24th) episode of Live with Kelly and Michael that he has signed on to host the 2013 ESPY Awards. The show which celebrates the year’s best moments in sports will take place on July 17th at L.A.’s Nokia Theatre.

CANNES ADDS THREE MORE CELEBS TO JUDGING PANEL: Nicole Kidman, Ang Lee, and Christoph Waltz have been added to the jury panel of the 2013 Cannes Film Festival. The festival will take place from May 15th to May 26th and open with a screening of Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby.

‘GUYS AND DOLLS’ REMAKE IN THE WORKS: 20th Century Fox has closed the movie rights to Guys And Dolls and has started developing a remake of the 1955 musical starring Frank Sinatra and Marlon Brando. The studio is reportedly looking to cast Channing Tatum and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the lead roles.

TONY STARK’S ALCOHOLISM SCRAPPED FROM ‘IRON MAN 3’: Iron Man 3 director Shane Black revealed that Tony Stark’s alcoholism was asked to be removed from the original draft of the script by the studio. Black told Comicbookmovie.com, “I think we were just told by the studio that we should probably paint Tony Stark as being kind of an industrialist and a crazy guy, or even a bad guy at some points, but the… stuff of him being an alcoholic wouldn’t really fly.” Screenwriter Drew Pearce added, “In our first draft Tony was a bit more rock ‘n’ roll… It’s… kind of a ‘pick your battles’ thing; alcoholism is a massive problem but it’s also not the best villain for a movie.”

IS ANNE HATHAWAY HEADING TO BROADWAY? UK’s Daily Mail is reporting that Anne Hathaway will be making her Broadway debut in a revival of Cabaret co-starring Alan Cumming. Anne will be filling the role of Sally Bowles made famous by Liza Minnelli in the 1972 film version.

LINDSAY LOHAN TAKES IN A SHOW: Lindsay Lohan attended the Tuesday night (April 23rd) performance of Broadway’s Orphans and went backstage to catch up with Alec Baldwin after the final curtain. Lilo tweeted her enjoyment of the show which she attended with rumored love interest Mohammed Al Turki.

AMANDA BYNES CLAIMS TO HAVE OLSEN MONEY: Amanda Bynes recently told In Touch, “I’m in the Mary-Kate and Ashley type of wealth category” but sources say she is worth far less. An insider told the magazine that she is worth a lot less than the Olsen twins and that her spending is out of control from $11,000 hair extensions, month-long stays at luxury hotels and huge cab fares. The source added, “She’s going to run out of money sooner or later. The girl no longer has an income.”

COPS SEARCH NICK STAHL IN BROAD DAYLIGHT: Terminator actor Nick Stahl was stopped by a cop in the middle of the day on Wednesday (April 24th) and asked to empty his pockets for no apparent reason. The L.A. County Sheriff’s department told TMZ, Stahl was in a “high crime area” and appeared “suspicious” when they approached him and that they actor gladly complied with their request.

ROB KARDASHIAN IS BEING MOCKED BY FRIENDS: Rob Kardashian is reportedly upset that he is being made fun of by his friends by making comparisons between him and Chaz Bono. A source tells Radar Online, “It all started when Rob and his friends were out and some stranger yelled out and called him Chaz Bono. Rob likes Chaz a lot, but he wasn’t happy when his friends started telling him that he could be Chaz’s ‘thinner twin.’ It’s bad enough that he’s struggling to lose weight in the public eye, but now his own posse is getting in on it. Rob actually bonded with Chaz over his weight struggles when they were on Dancing With The Stars so it’s pretty ironic that now Chaz is slimmer and he’s packed on the pounds.”

MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ TAKING A BREAK FROM ACTING: Fast & Furious 6 star Michelle Rodriguez revealed to Cosmopolitan Latinas that she plans to take a break from acting to pursue her dream of writing. She tells the magazine, “The truth is I’m about to say goodbye to acting for a minute and move behind the camera. I got into this business to write. I’ve waited 13 years to actually do it…But like now I’m ready, so that means I have to do the cutoff. I’ll go into the mountains, and bye-bye everybody.”

Jennifer Lopez might be making a return to American Idol much to the dismay of Mariah Carey. There are rumors that Fox execs are hoping that bringing J. Lo back to the show to replace Mariah would give the current season a much-needed boost in the ratings.

Although some news outlets were reporting that Mariah’s people threatened legal action which killed any chance of the judge-swap, TMZ claims the network has actually gone as far as approaching Lopez about it. While no deal has been made, Fox is scrambling for a solution since last week’s episodes had the worst ratings the show has seen since its debut in 2002.

  • Deadline.com is reporting that this was something that Fox considered doing about a month ago but ultimately decided it would seem desperate and damage the Idol brand.

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