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by Gino on April 26, 2013

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Last Night On American idol

Last night (April 25th) on American Idol, the final four contestants survived elimination night when it was revealed no one would be sent home.

The show began with a performance from the four finalists singing Alicia Key’s “Girl of Fire”. Season nine’s Idol winner Lee DeWyze performed his song “Silver Lining” and Stefano returned to perform “Yes to love”. Drake also made a surprise appearance on stage to let Candice Glover know he was honored she performed his song.

The nationwide vote revealed Glover and Amber Holcomb were in the bottom two. Host Ryan Seacrest revealed that no one was leaving because for the first time the judges did not use the save this season, so it gave the show an extra week before the finale. Last nights vote will be combined with next weeks vote and the contestant with the lowest number of total votes will be sent home.

Twinkies Are Coming Back

Hostess Brands said yesterday (April 25th) that Twinkies will be back on stores shelves across the country by late July, as will other classic Hostess snacks, although some may return a month or two later. In November, all 36 Hostess plants shut down as the company went belly up, and its assets have since been sold off. Most of the well-known Hostess Snacks brands, including Twinkies, were bought in April for $410 million by hedge funds Apollo Global Management and Metropoulos & Co.

You Know You’re (In)Famous When People Are Scalping Tickets To Your Trial!!!

A regular attendee at Jodi Arias’ murder trial in Arizona who sold her spot for $200 earlier this week was reprimanded by the court. Desiree Lee said she sold the ticket to a woman who had traveled from Michigan but couldn’t get in. Lee said, “She was asking a couple of people ahead of me if they wanted to sell their seats. I said yes because I can come every day if I wanted to… I seriously didn’t know I was going to get in trouble… I’m a little embarrassed more than anything.” Lee said she was told to return the money. Court officials said she won’t face any charges. (My Fox Phoenix)

Checking Your Cellphone Is Contagious…

New research finds that like yawning, checking your cell phone is a contagious behavior. To find this, researchers from the University of Michigan watched pairs of students in dining halls and coffee shops and monitored their cellphone use every ten-seconds for up to 20 minutes. Researchers say a person is twice as likely to pull out their phone to check for texts or emails if the person they are with has just done the same, and that females are more likely to do so than males. On average, the students used their cellphones 24-percent of the time intervals which they were monitored for. One researcher said, “Cell phones create an alternative outlet for one’s attention and may both promote and interfere with live social interaction.” (Daily Mail)

Prom Costs How Much???!!!

New research finds going to prom is a pricey high school rite of passage. According to a survey by Visa, American families with teenagers will spend an average of 1,139-dollars on prom costs this year. The survey found that teens are covering 41-percent of the cost, while mom and dad pay for the rest. The average cost includes the dress or tuxedo, transportation, and hair and nail services. Visa advises teens to shop at consignment or vintage stores for formal wear and to do their hair and nails at home in order to save money. (Consumerist)

Firing Still Allowed in Colorado for Pot Use Outside Work Despite Legalization

A Colorado appeals court ruled Thursday (April 25th) that employees can still be fired for using pot outside of work despite last November’s vote in the state legalizing the drug. Colorado law prevents employees from being fired for lawful activity outside of the workplace and work hours, but the appeals court found firing is still allowed because pot use isn’t considered a lawful activity under federal law. The case the court was hearing actually involved medical marijuana, which has been legal in Colorado for more than a decade, but still isn’t under federal law. An appeal is being made to the Colorado Supreme Court.

Should Non-Citizens Be Allowed to Serve on Juries?

The California Assembly passed legislation Thursday (April 25th) that would make the state the first in the nation to allow non-citizens who are in the country legally to serve on juries. The Democratic-backed legislation was passed on a largely party-line vote, and now heads to the state Senate. Assemblyman Bob Wieckowski, who proposed the bill, said it would help California widen the pool of prospective jurors and help integrate immigrants into the community. Backers also noted that there’s no citizenship requirement for the other key members of our judicial system — attorneys or judges. But Republicans opposed the measure, with Assemblywoman Diane Harkey saying, “Let’s not break something; it’s not broken now. Let’s not whittle away at what is reserved for U.S. citizens. There’s a reason for it.”

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