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by Gino on April 29, 2013

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Michael Jordan Gets Hitched

Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto were married Saturday afternoon in Palm Beach, Florida. Around 500 guests were at the wedding, then joined another 1,500 at the reception. The specially-built reception ‘tent’ was 40,000 square feet.

McBreakfast ALL DAY???
McDonald’s is considering rolling out an all-day breakfast, and possibly delivery. When? Hard to say. McDonald’s president and chief executive says the fast food chain is always considering new options. Breakfast all day is already available in some countries.

Dream Job For Waterslide Lover
A 22-year-old British university student won a six-month contract to travel around the world as a water-slide tester for a vacation company. Sebastian Smith bested 2,000 applicants for the chance to rate at 20 of First Choice’s SplashWorld resorts.

Pop-Up Online Ads Annoy People the Most

Ads and spam are all around us, and the world of new media is no exception, and while all of it is pretty much annoying, a new eMarketer report found that the kind that drives us crazy the most is irrelevant online pop-up ads, according to Overall, the survey found that TV is still the top sources of annoying ads, but social media and online ads are close behind, and junk mail is still pretty high up as well. The off-putting ads can have consequences for companies, according to the research, with customers saying they’ll unsubscribe from future emails or leave a website if they’re flooded with spam, as well as stop using the advertised product, boycott the company or tell their friends about their experiences.

Ambien Writing…

The handwritten notes were posted by Reddit user “PoodleWorkour” who said he wrote them while he was asleep — on Ambien. One note reads, “The blinds are moving,” and another reads, “The clock does not believe me.” (Reddit)

Clenching Your Fists Improves Memory

New research clenching your fist might help you form memories and recall them later. To find this, researchers from Montclair State University had four groups of people who were all asked to memorize a list of 72 words and then later recall it. People in one group clenched their right fist for about 90-seconds before memorizing the list, and then did the same while they remembered the words. The second group clenched their left hand before memorizing and recalling, and the other two groups clenched one hand before memorizing and then the opposite hand prior to collecting. A control group did not clench their fists at all. The group that clenched their right first when memorizing the list and their left when recollecting did the best. Researcher Ruth Propper says of the results, “The findings suggest that some simply body movements– by temporarily changing the way the brain functions– can improve memory.” (Fox News)

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