Celebrity Sleaze for 5/7/13

by Gino on May 7, 2013

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PATRICK SCHWARZENEGGER GETS KICKED OUT OF THE CLUB: Patrick Schwarzenegger got kicked out of the Sayers Club on Saturday night, May 4th, and he threatened to beat up the DJ. He was allegedly thrown out for using a fake ID and throwing ice at the DJ. After he cooled down, the 19 year-old tweeted that he was sorry for swearing.

FARRAH ABRAHAM SIGNS FIRST ENDORSEMENT DEAL: Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham‘s porno flick hasn’t hit the market yet but she recently signed a six figure endorsement deal with Raspberry Tones, a diet and fat loss pill.

NEIL PATRICK HARRIS GROPED BY ELTON JOHN’S HUSBAND: During a photo op at the Race To Erase MS gala in Los Angeles on Saturday, May 4th, Elton John‘s husband David Furnish copped a feel on actor Neil Patrick Harris.

ZAC EFRON IS DATING MAIKA MONROE: Zac Efron is currently dating his At Any Price co-star Maika Monroe. A source told Perezhilton.com, “Zac and Maika have been spending a lot of time together at his house and are definitely hooking up . . . Zac is really into her.”

MICHAEL C. HALL WORKING ON NEW SHOWTIME PROJECT: Dexter‘s Michael C. Hall will executive produce a project for Showtime based on Matthew Specktor‘s book American Dream Machine. The book is about a Hollywood talent agent and his two sons.

‘COPS’ IS MOVING TO SPIKE TV: After 25 years, Cops is moving from FOX to Spike TV. The show concludes its 25th year this month. On the new network, the series will continue to air on Saturdays at 8 pm.

TOM CRUISE IS STILL ON A ‘MISSION’: Tom Cruise has agreed to star in and produce the fifth installation in the Mission Impossible series, Mission Impossible 5.

‘PRETTY LITTLE LIARS’ SPINOFF MOVING FORWARD: Ravenswood, the ABC Family spin off of Pretty Little Liars has selected its two leads. Brett Dier and Elizabeth Whitson will play twins in the new series.

MARGARET ‘MARGE’ GROENING DIES: The woman that inspired the character of Marge Simpson on The Simpsons, Margaret Marge” Groening, died in her sleep on April 22nd in Oregon. She was 94. Her son, Matt Groening, created the popular show.

MARIO MACHADO LOSES BATTLE WITH PNEUMONIA: Journalist and actor Mario Machado, who starred in Scarface, Rocky III, and the RoboCop series, died om Saturday, May 4th, in West Hills, California. He was 78.

‘G.I. JOE’ WRITERS SUE PARAMOUNT FOR $23 MILLION: Two of the writers of 2009’s G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra have filed a $23 million lawsuit against Paramount, Hasbro, MGM and the film’s producers. David Elliott and Paul Lovett maintain that they were contractually entitled to the first crack at writing the sequel. Allegedly some of the ideas they submitted were used in this year’s G.I. Joe: Retaliation without permission or credit.

Simon Wants To Shake Up The X Factor

X Factor creator Simon Cowell isn’t happy with the show and he’s looking to shake things up a bit by finding some judges who have real chemistry. Cowell decided not to bring back Britney Spears after paying the pop star $15 million for a season where she didn’t connect with fans and viewers.

  • An insider shared that Cowell recently held a meeting with his production team. According to New York’s Daily News, the source explained, “Simon delivered a simple message: Forget the big names in favor of chemistry . . . He said all these shows have become distracted by signing celebrities rather than judges who really have something to say. We have all seen that big names don’t translate into big ratings. Chemistry is top of the list of demands for next season.”
  • So far Demi Lovato is the only existing judge that will be back next season. The new judges are expected to be announced in the coming weeks.
  • The X Factor‘s rating went from 12.5 million viewers to 9.6 million last season.

LiLo In Rehab

After taking it down to the wire and re-hiring her ex-lawyer, Shawn Holley, to work out a cushy deal, Lindsay Lohan is already not happy at the Betty Ford clinic. The star maintains that she doesn’t need rehab. A source told Perezhilton.com, “Lindsay is already begging to switch out of Betty Ford. She has been complaining to everyone that will listen that she doesn’t want to be there and that it isn’t the best place for her. Lindsay says she wants to go to either a treatment center in Hawaii, Crossroad Center in Antigua, or even Lukens Institute in Florida.”

  • Lohan is expected to spend 90 days at Betty Ford but in the coming days she may ask her lawyer to try to negotiate a deal to get her to another treatment facility. Lohan was initially suppose to check into the Morningside Recovery Center.

Last week when an arrest warrant was close to being issued for Lindsay Lohan, she tried to rehire her former attorney Shawn Holley. After several calls, Holley decided to represent the starlet but with the condition that she gets paid the $150,000 that Lohan already owes her.

  • Lohan didn’t have the cash on hand to pay Holley but according to TMZ.com they brokered a deal for a payment schedule that will allow Holley to receive payment from several checks that Lohan is expected to receive in the future. In essence, Holley will be getting paid directly from the funds without Lohan having an opportunity to stiff her again.

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