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by Gino on May 8, 2013

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Charles Ramsey – Helped Free The Kidnapped Women In Cleveland

Medical Marijuana For Pets

A California veterinarian recently argued that marijuana can have the same therapeutic effect on sick pets as sick people. Dr. Doug Kramer says marijuana helps alleviate chronic pain and stimulates appetite in dogs and cats, and is given to the animals in the form of an herbal glycerin tincture. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) endorses the use of medical maijuana on animals, releasing a statement that says, “Our position is that anything that can help animals– it it’s truly, properly administered in the right amoung and can relieve a dog’s pain– then they should be given the same consideration that humans in pain are given.” (Time)

Tim Tebow Tops ‘Forbes’ List of Most Influential Athletes

Tim Tebow doesn’t have a job right now, but that didn’t stop Forbes from putting the NFL quarterback at the top of their 2013 list of the most influential athletes. The list is based on responses Americans gave in surveys carried out by Nielsen and E-Poll, with Tebow judged as being influential by 29 percent of respondents. The top 10 athletes, along with how many people said they were influential:

  1. Tim Tebow
  2. Michael Phelps (25 percent) — Swimmer who’s the all-time Olympic medal winner.
  3. Usain Bolt (23 percent) — Jamaica’s Olympic gold-medal-winning sprinter and world’s fastest man
  4. Derek Jeter (22 percent) — New York Yankees shortstop
  5. Peyton Manning (21 percent) — Denver Broncos quarterback
  6. Drew Brees (21 percent) — New Orleans Saints quarterback
  7. Gabby Douglas (19 percent) — Olympic gold-medal winning gymnast, including in the all-around competition
  8. Aaron Rodgers (19 percent) — Green Back Packers quarterback
  9. LeBron James (18 percent) — Miami Heat star
  10. David Beckham (18 percent) — Soccer great

Goofy Mugshot

An intoxicated man who was arrested after his car got stuck on some train tracks in Tulsa, Oklahoma reportedly told an officer at the police station, “This is going to end up in that mugshot paper, isn’t it?” 32-year-old Cabrone Brewer called Triple-A for help when his Volkswagen Beetle became stuck but police ended up responding to the call for help because of the location. Officials said Brewer was unsteady on his feet, slurring his speech and that he smelled like alcohol. Brewer was also booked on an outstanding warrant from 1999, related to transporting an open container which Brewer said happened on his prom night.

Bill Clinton: Too Much Attention on Wife’s Potential Prez Candidate Future

Former President Bill Clinton is trying to tamp down all the speculation about his his wife potentially running for president again in 2016, saying all the talk is a waste of time right now and attention should be focused instead on the nation’s problems. Speaking Tuesday (May 7th) at the 2013 Fiscal Summit, where he appeared with Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, Clinton said, “That is the worst expenditure of our time.” When Gates joked that he didn’t think his wife, philanthropist Melinda Gates, would run for president, Clinton said to laughter, “Hillary hasn’t mentioned it to me, either.” Clinton said the former secretary of state was taking a role at the Clinton Foundation, writing a book and, quote, “having a little fun being a private citizen for the first time in 20 years.” He also said focusing on the 2016 election just a few months after President Obama was re-elected distracts from taking on the nation’s problems and, quote, “plays to our national tendency to attention deficit disorder when it comes to politics.”

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