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by Gino on May 10, 2013

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Airport Hires Goats

Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport is bringing in a herd of 25 goats to act as ultra-green lawnmowers. The live mowers will help trim back unruly brush and vegetation in hard to reach and rocky areas of the airport.

How Much Did You spend On Mom?

How much will you spend on Mom this year? The National Retail Federation reports that consumers will spend an average of $168.94 on Mom for Mother’s Day this year. That’s an all-time high and up 11-percent from last year. The average includes restaurant meals and gifts for one’s mother, mother-in-law, wife, etc. The NRF predicts that electronics will be a popular option of gift this year, estimating that Americans will spend 2.3-billion-dollars on various devices for mom. (Time)

78,000 People Have Applied to Become Permanent Mars Colonists

More people than you might have thought are eager to leave the Earth for good, with some 78,000 people from around the world having applied to become permanent colonists Mars since last month. Netherlands-based nonprofit Mars One is aiming to land four people on the Red Planet in 2023 as the first members of a permanent colony, with more people arriving every two years after that. Mars One plans to pay most of the estimated $6 billion cost of getting the first settlers on the planet by staging a global reality-TV event, with cameras documenting all phases of the mission, including the colonists’ first years on Mars. Anyone 18 or older can apply by submitting a one-minute video explaining why they want to be a settler to the Mars One website by August 31st. After that, candidates will be selected, with their number whittled down to 28 to 40 by 2015. That core group will be split into groups of four, which will train for their mission for about seven years. An audience vote will then choose one of these groups to be the colonists.

Poll: Ex-President Jimmy Carter is Most Trusted American Politician

In what many would consider an unexpected result, a new poll found that former President Jimmy Carter is the most trusted politician in America. The survey conducted for Readers Digest on the nation’s most trusted people found actors heavily represented in the top 10, including the top three spots — Tom Hanks, Sandra Bullock and Denzel Washington. The first politician to appear on the list is the 88-year-old Carter, who comes in at Number 24. Carter has won praise since leaving office in 1980 for his work on behalf of various humanitarian causes. The most popular Washington figure was First Lady Michelle Obama, at Number 19, while President Obama came in at Number 65. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton beat him, at Number 51, while no other former presidents were on the list. As for judicial figures, “Judge Judy” Sheindlin came in at Number 29, beating out all nine U.S. Supreme Court justices.

Coca-Cola Making Some Changes in Face of Obesity Criticism

With Coca-Cola and other soda makers drawing increasing scrutiny and criticism amid the obesity epidemic, not just in the U.S. but in other countries as well, the company is making some changes. The beverage giant said it would broaden distribution of its low-calorie drinks to more countries and put calories counts on the front of its packaging around the world, not just in the U.S. as it currently does. Coca-Cola also said it would sponsor physical activity programs in more nations than it already does, and repeated its commitment to not market its drinks to children under 12 years old in any country that it operates. At the same time, the company said it has no plans to pull Santa Claus or polar bears from its ads, which have been fixtures in their advertising since the 1920s. Critics were skeptical of these latest moves, however, with Jeff Cronin of the Center for Science in the Public Interest saying, “The company’s objective is to deflect criticism of sugary drinks and forestall meaningful government action to reduce soda consumption.”

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