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by Gino on May 16, 2013

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NH Restaurant Week

A couple days ago we spoke with Sizzlin’ Sauces and Margarita Grill’s Bud Selmi about NH Restaurant Week.

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Coke Recipe Sold For $15,000,000!!!

A man from Georgia claims to have found the recipe for Coca-Cola and sold it for $15 million on eBay. The Ringgold, Georgia man, Cliff Kluge, said he came across the recipe in some old boxes he and his wife purchased from an estate sale about four years ago. Kluge said, “Whoever had typed this letter had seen the original recipe. The letter always references Coke and products and stuff. We believe it is definitely related to Coca-Cola.” Kluge contacted Coca-Cola, who said they would return his call in seven to 10 days. He said he never heard from them. The chief archivist for Coca-Cola told reporters, “At least once a year, somebody shows up and says, ‘I have the original formula for Coca-Cola. How much do you want to pay me for it?’… We know he doesn’t have the formula. There is only one copy. He has what one of the many imitator copies floating around out there. So I’m going to go to sleep peacefully knowing that we still have our copy of the formula.”   According to some news sources, it appears that during World War II (this letter is dated January 15, 1943) Coca Cola was concerned that they were not going to be able to obtain all the ingredients they needed to make the formula – either by war time shortages, or the countries where the ingredients came from were deep in battle and couldn’t meet supply demands. This is pure speculation – the estate they bought it from — this person was a renown chemist — is it possible that this informal letter was written to that chemist to find other avenues to reach the same tasting Coca Cola recipe?

Chicken Diapers
A farmer in Claremont, New Hampshire has invented a special diaper just for chickens. Julie Baker has been highly involved in the poultry show community and wanted to find a way to keep her birds from messing themselves up. Her business, Pampered Poultry, sells diapers that fasten over the chicken’s tail feathers and, with the help of a paper town, keeps everything clean. Baker told The Huffington Post that the orders have been rolling in. Baker says, “I have a lot of customers that keep their chickens in the house full-time and they love the diapers.” They come in colors such as Ocean Blue, Parrot Green andPurple Rust. Her website also sells chicken saddles and attire. (Huffington Post)

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Americans Don’t Like Hipsters
A new poll finds Americans don’t really like hipsters. The poll comes from Public Policy Polling and finds that just 16-percent of American voters have a favorable view of hipsters. The results revealed that 42-percent have an unfavorable opinion of hipsters, while 43-percent said they aren’t sure. Forty-eight-percent of Republicans said they didn’t like hipsters, and 98-percent of Republicans polled said they would not be likely to vote for a candidate they viewed as a hipster. Only one-in-ten of those polled admitted to being a hipster themselves, while 27-percent of participants said that hipsters should be subject to a special tax for “being so annoying.” (LA Weekly)

N.H. City Sues Group That Puts Coins In Strangers’ Expired Parking Meters

The city of Keene, New Hampshire, has filed suit against a group of people who call themselves Robin Hood and his Merry Men and go around putting coins into strangers’ expired parking meters. The Union Leader newspaper reports that the suit charges the six members of the group named have, quote, “intentionally taunted, interfered with, harassed and intimidated” the city’s three parking enforcement officers. The suit also contends the group follows parking enforcement officers and videotapes them. One of the defendants, James Cleaveland, told the newspaper, “They say video recording or talking to them is harassing them, but I don’t agree with that.” One of the parking officers, Linda Desruisseaux, is cited in the lawsuit as saying, “Besides following me, crowding around me, making video recordings of my activities, and placing coins in expired meters to prevent me from writing tickets, these individuals repeatedly taunt and harass me, asking why I am stealing peoples’ money and telling me to get another job.”

Wealthy Hiring Disabled to Pose as Family To Cut Lines at Disney World

The New York Post reported Tuesday (May 14th) that some wealthy people are hiring a disabled person to pose as a family member so that they can jump to the front of the long lines for rides at Disney World. Disney allows each guest who needs a wheelchair or motorized scooter to bring up to six guests to the front of lines, and these people are taking advantage of that policy for a price of $130 an hour or $1,040 for an eight-hour day. The Post says the information about the guides that can be hired through Dream Tours Florida has been spreading among Manhattan’s wealthy. The newspaper cites one mother who said she hired a guide through the company to escort her, her husband and their two young children through Disney World in a motorized scooter with a “handicapped” sign on it, and was able to go straight to the front of all the lines. She bragged, “My daughter waited one minute to get on ‘It’s a Small World,’ the other kids had to wait two-and-a-half hours. You can’t go to Disney without a tour concierge. This is how the one percent does Disney.” Dream Tours Florida is run by Ryan Clement and his girlfriend, Jacie Christiano, who the Manhattan mother indicated was her family’s guide. Clement denied to the Post that his girlfriend uses her disability to bypass lines. He said she has an autoimmune disorder, and acknowledged that she uses a scooter on the job.

Survey: Only One in 10 People Say They’d Wear Google Glass

Google Glass has been getting a lot of attention and hype, but there’s been some dislike and mockery too, and now a new survey has found that only one in U.S. smartphone owners says they’d wear the high-tech, Internet-connected glasses. In the Google Glass Adoption Forecast from BiTE interactive, social awkwardness was given as the top reason for not wanting to wear the glasses, with 45 percent citing its awkward aesthetic or the device seeming to be irritating. BiTE interactive’s Joseph Farrell told Mashable, “Google Glass represents a profound social barrier for the average customer. At best, they see a Glass user as someone who prioritizes information access over a personal connection with others. At worst, they fear social sleights of hand: researching topics, recording video or Googling a person in mid-conversation.” Not everyone was opposed to Google Glass, however, and of those who said they would use them, 44 percent cited taking pictures as its most compelling feature, 39 percent named making phone calls with it, and 37 percent want to use it to record video.

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