Celebrity Sleaze for Tuesday 5/21/13

by Gino on May 21, 2013

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KELLY ROWLAND AND PAULINO RUBIO JOIN DEMI LOVATO AND SIMON COWELL ON ‘THE X FACTOR’: When The X Factor returns for its third season this fall, Kelly Rowland and Paulino Rubio will join Simon Cowell and Demi Lovato on the judges panel. Simon said in a press release on Monday (May 20th), “It’s taken more than a decade, but I’m delighted to finally be on a panel with three girls. Paulina and Kelly both have great taste and massive experience in the music industry and together with Demi, this is going to be a fun panel. It just feels like the time to do something different.”

KATE HUDSON JOINS ‘WISH I WAS HERE’: Kate Hudson has joined Zach Braff’s Kickstarter project Wish I Was Here. Kate will play the wife of Zach’s character. Mandy Patinkin and Josh Gad are also attached to the film.

‘ANGRY BIRDS’ MOVIE GETS A WRITER: Veteran writer Jon Vitti has signed on to write the screenplay for the Angry Birds animated film. Vitti previously wrote for The Simpsons, King of the Hill, The Office, and The Larry Sanders Show.

NBC PICKS UP SCRIPTED DRAMA ‘SIBERIA’: NBC has announced plans to debut a new scripted series on July 1st called Siberia. The show is described as a drama centered on reality contestants competing in a remote location.

‘CHUCK’ STAR HEADING TO BROADWAY: Chuck star Zachary Levi has landed the male lead role in a new Broadway romantic musical comedy called First Date co-starring Krysta Rodriguez. Previews will begin on July 9th.

DISNEY TO LAUNCH ‘STAR WARS’ ANIMATED SERIES: Lucasfilm and Disney have announced plans to launch a new Star Wars animated series in 2014. The show will reportedly bridge the gap between the original trilogy and the prequels.

SETH MACFARLANE IS TOO BUSY FOR THE OSCARS: Seth Macfarlane revealed on Twitter on Monday (May 20th) that his busy schedule will prevent him from hosting the Oscars again. He wrote, “Traumatized critics exhale: I’m unable to do the Oscars again. Tried to make it work schedule-wise, but I need sleep. My suggestion for host is Joaquin Phoenix.”

PARIS HILTON GET MOBBED AT CANNES: Paris Hilton and her boyfriend River Viiperi were fighting their way through crowds on Friday (May 17th) at Cannes when one female fan got a bit too close and was shoved out of the way by River. The fan didn’t seem bothered by the situation as she kept following the couple hoping to get a picture with the socialite.

ANNA FARRIS FINDS CHRIS PRATT’S PARENTING SEXY: Anna Farris discussed being a mother to her eight-month-old son Jack to Us Weekly and revealed that she finds it sexy to watch her husband Chris Pratt take care of their child. She said, “He feeds the baby almost every morning so I can sleep in…It’s very sexy to watch him be a dad!” Anna is about to start shooting the first season of her new CBS sitcom Mom.

COPS SWARM MISCHA BARTON’S HOUSE: O.C. star Mischa Barton got a surprise visit from police officers on Thursday (May 16th) who were reportedly called to her house after someone claimed to hear a woman screaming at that address. There was no such woman at Mischa’s house but the cops later found the woman in question down the street.

WILL ARNETT QUITS SMOKING: Arrested Development star Will Arnett has revealed that he is following through on his 2013 New Year’s resolution to quit smoking. The comedian said, “I quit smoking a few months ago…I started when I was 13 because it was cool, it was very cool. I smoked for the better part of 30 years and it sort of dawned on me…It’s been my longtime companion…I tried to quit before and this time I really got it. I’m on the Nicorette gum…since the second week of January.”

Stephen Colbert Calls Out Class Of 2013

University of Virginia’s class of 2013 got called out by Stephen Colbert at their graduation ceremony on Saturday (May 18th) for being part of the self-obsessed “Me Me Me” generation. The Comedy Central host’s commencement address was meant to be taken in jest but covered everything from abusing Adderall, to being the number one party school, and being part of a selfish generation. Colbert said, “I don’t know if you’ve seen it…this week’s Time magazine called you lazy, entitled narcissists who are part of the Me Me Me Generation. So self-obsessed — tweeting your Vines, hashtagging your Spotifys and Snapchatting your YOLOs — your generation needs everything to be about you. And that’s very upsetting to us baby boomers because self-absorption is kind of our thing.”

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