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by Gino on June 14, 2013

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Happy Flag Day

VISA Goes Dead…

Hate to carry around a pile of cash during the zombie apocalypse?  VISA is launching a new line of Walking Dead prepaid debit cards

Spielberg Says The Prices Of Movies Will Skyrocket

Steven Spielberg thinks movie prices are going to rise to $25. He says, ”You’re gonna have to pay $25 for the next Iron Man, you’re probably only going to have to pay $7 to see Lincoln. There’s going to be an implosion where three or four or maybe even a half-dozen mega-budget movies are going to go crashing into the ground, and that’s going to change the paradigm. You’re going to end up with fewer theaters, bigger theaters with a lot of nice things. Going to the movies will cost 50 bucks or 100 or 150 bucks, like what Broadway costs today, or a football game. It’ll be an expensive thing. … (The movies) will sit in the theaters for a year, like a Broadway show does. That will be called the ‘movie’ business’. There’ll be big movies on a big screen, and it’ll cost them a lot of money. Everything else will be on a small screen.

Self Destructing iPhones?

Apple is adding a new feature to its upcoming smartphones: A “kill switch” that the owner can trigger if the device is stolen, erasing all the data and powering it down from a distance. Only the legal user’s ID and password will be able to reactivate it, turning the once-marketable stolen phone into, basically, a paperweight. Called an “activation lock,” it’s a step toward deterring theft of Apple devices (called “Apple-picking” by wry tech bloggers and absolutely no one else). We assume the next version of the activation lock will use the smartphone’s own GPS to locate the thief, and then release the Cupertino robo-hounds.

Father’s Day Gifts To Avoid

1) Hair loss rememdies. Maybe he needs it or even sort of wants someone to buy it for him. Still, save it for an everyday present and give Dad something else on Father’s Day instead.
2) Back shaver. Keep the grooming gifts to things that feel more luxe and pampering than hygenic and personal, like a badger shaving brush James Bond would love.
3) Cologne. Dad’s going to want to pick out the scent himself – it’s a personal thing.
4) Aprons. If Dad spends a lot of time in the kitchen, it might seem like a good idea. But he’ll probably be more excited by a gadget like a single-cup coffee maker or a juicer or an electric BBQ fork.
5) Fancy desk accessories. It’s an understandable thought when Dad is the definition of The Man Who Has Everything. But he’d probably want something more fun to play with in his office, then, like a toy drone helicopter or a desktop record player.
6) “#1 Dad” anything. Best Dad” or “#1 Dad” motifs are cheesy, but you can still let him know he’s the best Dad ever by giving him other stuff like cool beer steins.
7) Ties. If dad loves ties and you find one that he cannot live without, then go for it! But for the most part this gift is too cliché. Pick an accessory that he’ll get the most use of this summer, like a classic pair of sunglasses.

Are Adult-Only Restaurants a Good Idea?

The Sushi Bar, a new restaurant in Alexandria, Virginia, has caused a stir with its adults-only policy, which doesn’t allow any children under 18. Yahoo! Shine reports that while some parents are outraged and say they’ll boycott the upscale sushi restaurant, the response on their Facebook page has largely been positive and eatery has been packed. There are also some who are okay with the no-kids idea, but think 18 is too old of a cut-off. Co-owner Bill Blackburn told Shine that he and his business partner knew there was a demand for an adults-only restaurant in the area, and explained, “The space is not a huge, gigantic restaurant. It’s a small little lounge.” He said to WUSA-TV, “We by no means hate children or think they don’t belong in restaurants. They just don’t belong in this particular one.”

HGTV Apologizes for Suggesting American Flag Be Used as July 4th Tablecloth

The Home & Garden Television network (HGTV) has apologized for a segment on its website that suggested viewers use American flags as tablecloths for their Fourth of July celebrations. HGTV said in a statement, “This was a regrettable use of our flag and it never should have happened. We sincerely apologize and have removed the post from our website. We want to assure our fans that HGTV is proud of the American flag and everything it symbolizes for our people.” The segment on table setting ideas for the Fourth of July suggested using the American flag as a table runner, and recommended using a nylon flag, quote, “so spills can be easily wiped off and the flag can later be hung with pride on a flag pole.” Many viewers expressed outrage in comments on HGTV’s Facebook page, some mentioning family members who’d died serving their country in the military. The U.S. Flag Code — which is a guideline and doesn’t carry the force of law — says that the flag should never touch anything beneath it, be used as clothing, bedding or drapery, or be used in such as way that would allow it to be soiled or damaged. Fox News Radio said that Flag Code says the only time the American flag is allowed to be draped is on a coffin.

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