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by Gino on June 19, 2013

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Politician From The UK Claims He Fathered An Alien Baby

An English politician claims he fathered a child with an alien. Labor councilor Simon Parkes has claimed that he fathered an alien child named Zarka and that Parkes’s own “real mother” is also an extraterrestrial. Parkes says he has sex with an alien he refers to as the “Cat Queen” about four times a year and that the alien is causing problems in his marriage. He explained, “My wife found out about it and was very unhappy, clearly… That caused a few problems, but it is not on a human level, so I don’t see it as wrong.” Parkes says that his “real mother” is a green alien with eight fingers and that his first recollection is being lifted out his cot by an alien. Fellow councilor Terry Jemison said, “I am completely in the dark about this.” (International Business Times)

We’re Pretty Sure College Only Has Two “L”s

Organizers for baseball’s College World series must have been embarrassed after it was pointed out that the word “college” was spelled wrong. The third base side dugout had the word spelled as “COLLLEGE” – with three L’s. The first person to spot the mistake at TD Ameritrade Park in Omaha was Louisville Sports Report writer Howie Lindsay. (New York Daily News)

Restaurant Proves They Sell Baby Sized Burritos

The Seattle restaurant “Gordito’s” sells “baby-sized” burritos. To prove that the burritos are actually baby-sized, the restaurant has patrons take photos of the burritos next to their babies. Gordito’s logo is a baby riding a burrito. (Reddit)

Facebook Helps Boost Organ Donor Registration

A new study finds that social media can help boost awareness of organ donation. In May of 2012 Facebook began allowing users to make their status as an organ donor visible on their profile, and on the first day of the change about 13-thousand people in the U.S. registered to become organ donors. Experts say this is 20-times more people than the average daily registrations. Researchers say this effect needs to be studied further as the demand for organs is on the rise, while the number of organ donors is down. Researchers for the study wrote, “The next challenge for efforts like the organ donor initiative will be utilization of social media applications like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram more effectively and more durably.” (Fox)

Watermelon Oreos??

Watermelon Oreos sounds weird and even kind of wrong, but that’s the flavor of Nabisco’s new limited-edition treats, made up of pink and green creme filling between vanilla-flavored cookies, which are only available at Target. If you’re imagining a cookie with a strong Jolly Rancher-like watermelon smell and taste, that’s apparently not what these are like. Food blogger JunkFoodGuy tasted them and wrote, “As soon as I bit into one of these . . . I got an immediate light watermelon taste. I’ll just say it right off the bat…I like these. A LOT.” He concludes, “It’s the subtlety of the cream that makes the cookie work as a whole. Too much watermelon, and the effort would be a mess.” Oreo has had limited edition cookies before, including gingerbread, candy corn, dulce de leche, birthday cake and Creamsicle.

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